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8 Things to Do in Bermuda

Bindu swetha Jul 15, 2019
With picture-perfect beaches, clifftops with luxurious resorts and spas, palm and calabash forests, global cuisines, and exceptional sailing options, Bermuda is easy on the pocket and a convenient holiday destination!

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Relax at the Horseshoe Bay Beach

The crushed corals at the shore give the beach a pinkish hue, a sight to behold while you stroll here.
The undulating sand dunes separate the beach from the South Road! The 1.25 miles clifftop trail, tucked between sea cliffs, stretches from Warwick Long Bay in the east to Horseshoe Bay in the west.

Unlock the Secrets: Bermuda Triangle

The mystery of Bermuda Triangle interests one and all! Pay a visit to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute to gain knowledge about all Triangle-related things. Your questions related to the mystery are sure to get answered at the institute!

Go Golfing

Bermuda is known to be a coveted golfing destination in the Atlantic for a reason! At the Port Royal the shimmering greens with crashing ocean waves in the background, makes for a perfect place to play golf. The famous 16th short hole event is held here. You can also check out the Mid Ocean Club or the Belmont Hills Club for luxurious golfing experiences.

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Get on the SeaExpress

The best way to explore the beauty of the island by taking a ride in the SeaExpress ferry.
The double-decker, air-conditioned boat takes you to beautiful locations across the island, operating at four different routes. Keep a check on the ferry schedule to book a ride as cheap as $5!

Know your Fragrance

Who hasn't heard about the famous Lili Bermuda? You can visit the house of Lili Bermuda and take a 20-minute tour across the place to understand the entire fragrance process! Don't forget to grab a bottle or two of perfumes from the place.

Book your seat at the Pirates Show

If you are a Pirates of Carribean movie fan, then you must book tickets for the Calico Jack's Pirate show. The 30-minute show has the cast dressed up as pirates in tricorn hats with swords in hand, putting up sword fights and fire-dance performance!

Visit the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

The three-in-one attraction at the Flatts Village has a museum, aquarium and zoo on offer! You can watch seals, sharks, water birds and other exotic animals here. A great place to hang out with kids. The unique scientific exhibits and animal feedings are special attractions.

Enter the Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Apart from picture-perfect beaches, Bermuda also treasures the backcountry attractions of the Crystal & Fantasy Caves.
With a carving and sculpting history stretching 30 million years ago, these caves have pontoon walkways and lakes in the Crystal part and calcite formations in the Fantasy Tunnel!