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8 Things to Do in Durban, South Africa

Bindu swetha Nov 30, 2019
Munching some bunny chows, getting up and close with sharks, and visiting Africa's biggest mall are the most interesting things amongst many other things-to-do during your stay at Durban, South Africa's third populous city!

uShaka Sea World

Walk across the bottom of the Open Ocean Exhibit when you enroll yourself for the Ocean Walker experience to watch tuna, mahi-mahi, and also sardines!

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And, if you are courageous, then sign up for the Shark Dive Experience and step into the large shark tank.

Golden Mile

Rent a bicycle from Bike & Saddle and enjoy a morning ride along the Golden Mile of picturesque golden sand beaches that stretch for almost four miles!
If riding is not for you, then you can walk, jog or simply sit on the piers to watch surfers, kiteboarders and sandcastle artists!

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Botanical Gardens

Step into the Durban Botanical Gardens for real-life Jurassic Park experience! Though there aren't any dinosaurs here but the pink-backed pelicans surely resemble pterodactyls.

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KwaZulu Natal Sharks Board Boat Tour

Join a Sharks Board boat crew for a life-changing experience at the KwaZulu coastline. You can see the safety gear used to protect swimmers from shark attacks, learn about sharks in general and also encounter few dolphins and turtles on your way!

Inanda Heritage Trail

If you are a history buff, then you must sign up for the Inanda Heritage Trail. It takes you through the iconic historic sites such as Mahatma Gandhi's Phoenix Settlements and, the Inanda Seminary - one of the Africa's oldest schools for girls.

Kings Park Stadium

You should really not leave Durban without watching a The Sharks Rugby match! Book tickets for it at the Kings Park Stadium and watch the Sharkie fans' passion for the game.

Bunny Chow at CaneCutters

Your Durban visit is incomplete without munching on some bunny chows! Relax, the dish doesn't include actual bunnies! It's just a steaming hot curry stuffed inside a loaf of bread. Visit the 'CaneCutters' or 'Impulse by the Sea' to relish this legendary street food.


Go on a shopping spree at Africa's largest shopping mall - Gateway Theatre of Shopping - famous as just 'Gateway'! With 18 movie theatres, 6 Nouveau theatres, more than 350 stores and 90 restaurants, this place is surely a shopping heaven!