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8 Top-rated Tourist Attractions in Shenyang, China

Bindu swetha Dec 4, 2019
The historical city of Shenyang is a great place to spend your vacations and get close to nature, imperial tombs, world-class museums and historical relics.

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Shenyang Imperial Palace

The magnificent Imperial Palace boasts of high-level art of Machu architecture and resemblance to the Forbidden City. The palace which serves as a museum is built on a massive area of 60,000 square meters!

Zhaoling Tomb

Built almost 370 years ago in 1643, the Zhaoling Tomb (built at the burial site of the founder of Qing Dynasty) showcases a mix of Manchu and Han architectural styles. The north tomb is transformed into a modern landscape park (Beiling park) that features pine trees, a large lake, pedal boats and canoes!

Shenyang Botanical Garden

Covering an area of 467 acres, the Shenyang Botanical Garden boasts of a display of 1700 different kind of plants such as the Korean pine. At the garden, you will find undulant hills, a lake, pine trees and beautiful trees! Don't forget to visit the Steam Locomotive Museum towards the northern part of the park.

Fuling Mausoleum

Built in 1629 against the Tianzhu Mountain, the Fuling Tomb is built traditionally with the Frontispiece (front gate) carved with Stone Lions, Huabiao Memorial archways and stone tablets. The Sacred Way is a 108-step stairway with stone lions, horses, camels and tigers on either side of the way. Do visit the Square Castle and the Bao Castle!

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Qipanshan Scenic Spot

With an area of 4 sq km, the scenic spot has the winter ice and snow tourism destination in Shenyang! The annual Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival attracts tourists from across China. The place is famous for lush green cover in spring, colorful scenery in summer, maples in autumn and snow in winters!

Shenyang Xinglong Indoor Park

The only indoor green garden and entertainment park in Shenyang, the Xinglong Indoor Park is called the 'Indoor Disney', has children leisure ground equipped with multiple rides, a 4-d theatre, skate land, shooting gallery, etc.

Shenyang Four Towers

Built around the Shenyang City in 1643, the Four Towers in the north, south, east and west is named as Falun Temple, Guangci Temple, Yongguang Temple and Yanshou Temple. The towers symbolize the Four Heavenly Guardians who protect people from disasters.

Zhongjie Pedestrian Street

The first walking street in China, Zhongjie Pedestrian Street was inaugurated in 1625. The street is packed with shopping malls, restaurants, departmental stores, and free markets offering a variety of goods!