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9 Attractions in Syracuse, Sicily

Sonali Pimpale Sep 8, 2019
A charming city on the coast of Sicily, Italy, Syracuse is an inexhaustible wellspring of ancient history. A place where medieval attractions are sprinkled amidst modern marvels, Syracuse is the perfect destination to sample the phenomenal Sicilian weather!

Greek Theatre of Syracuse

The largest Greek theater in Sicily. Built in the 5th century, the gargantuan theater is still used to relive famous Greek tragedies till this day.
With the theater fortuitously located in the Neapolis Archaeological Park of Syracuse, there are plenty of other Greek and Roman ruins, including an ancient Roman amphitheater, to geek out on!

Ear of Dionysius

An incredible cave with astounding acoustics!
A part of the famed ancient quarries of Syracuse, even the smallest whisper of a sound is amplified to a great extent in this limestone cave. According to old stories, the cave served as a prison, where the tyrant King Dionysius used to eavesdrop on the conversations of his prisoners, in order to discern their secrets.

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Cathedral of Syracuse

A magnificent cathedral dating all the way back to the 7th century.

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Built on top of a 5th century Temple of Athena, the cathedral is a fascinating blend of Greek and Roman architectural styles.

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Temple of Apollo

Fascinating ruins of a 6th century BCE Greek temple.

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Considered to be the oldest Doric temple in Sicily, the temple has served as a Byzantine church, a mosque, and a Norman church over the years.

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Island of Ortigia

The historical heart of the city.

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Winding lanes, gorgeous Baroque palaces and churches lend the island an other-worldly charm that is best enjoyed by strolling through the region by foot.

Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi

One of the most important museums in Sicily, and a gold mine of artifacts right from the prehistoric ages to the Greek colonies in Sicily!

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Archimedes Square

A beautiful square dedicated to the famed mathematician and inventor, Archimedes, who was born, and breathed his last, in Syracuse.

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The gorgeous Fountain of Diana, depicting the myth of a nymph named Arethusa, is the crowning glory of the square.

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Ortigia Market

A bustling market that is veritably a marriage of flavors, with enticing fresh produce from heady spices to delicious seafood.

Eurialo Castle (Euryalus Fortress)

A formidable 400 BC Greek stronghold, which was said to be made invincible by the ingenious defensive designs of Archimedes.