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9 Awesome Things to Do in Monaco

Priya Johnson Jun 28, 2019
Situated in the South-East of France, the Principality of Monaco is an independent city-state and also happens to be the second smallest country in the world. It's widely known for its casinos, Formula 1 Grand Prix race track, exotic gardens, and overall grandeur and opulence.

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Monaco Harbor

Home to the largest yachts, Monaco Harbor is a popularly loved destination during the Grand Prix.

Situated at the foot of Cliff Rock, the harbor is lined with white yachts docked next to each other. Yacht cruises are available for tourists.

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Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix Track

Monaco's prestigious and most famous event – The Formula One Grand Prix hosts its race here every year during the last weekend of May.

The race car track circuit (78 laps and 3.337 km length) runs on the city streets, making it the only car race in the world to have its track run on any city streets.

Rent a Ferrari and Drive along the F1 Route

Car rentals allow you to rent a Ferrari (at a steep price!) and drive around the Monaco F1 Grand Prix route. This is the closest many of us may get to stepping into the shoes of Vettel or Hamilton. An experience worth having!

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Oceonographic Museum

Monaco’s most popular museum is located on a cliff-side rock, standing almost 90m above sea level. It took 11 years to construct and stabilize its foundation.

It's dedicated to the study of the ocean and houses around 6,000 marine creatures. The highlight of this museum is the huge fin-whale skeleton and the cabinet of curiosities (Oceanomania).

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Casino de Monte-Carlo

Monaco is known for its renowned casinos that keep innovating; the most iconic of which is the Monte Carlo Casino.

This grand, palacious casino located in the heart of Monaco, is one of the most expensive gambling facilities in the world. Tourists are welcome to tour the place without having to gamble.

National Museum of Automatons and Dolls of Yesteryear

This museum houses a world-class collection of automatons, dolls, puppets, and sets of miniature household items from various eras.

A guided tour is advisable because the guides are permitted to wind the automatons and show you their working.

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Casino Square : Place du Casino

The square consists of a park area, fountains, statues, hotels, and casinos. It’s a great place to hang out and watch the rich and famous waltz in and out of the casinos.

Monaco Top Cars Collection – Automobile Museum

This museum will simply wow automobile enthusiasts with Prince Rainier III’s personal collection of approximately 100 classic vintage cars.

In 1993, the Prince opened his collection which he gathered over a period of 30 years, to the public.

Jardin Exotique de Monaco (1933)

Although Monaco is home to several iconic gardens, this one soars above the rest. Seated high on top of a cliff, the garden provides breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea.

Besides being home to over 7,000 plant species (succulents), the garden also houses an observatory cave with stalagmites and stalactites.