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9 Best Beaches in Guatemala

Apart from mind-blowing volcanoes, you can visit beaches along the Pacific and the Caribbean coast. Guatemala offers the best of both worlds. Here are a few you must visit.
Ishwari Pamu Jul 10, 2019


Highly popular among the locals and tourists alike, this beach is excellent for sunbathing and surfing. However, the riptides can get a little too strong at times.


Famous for its beautiful wooden pier stretching out into the sea, it is an extremely photogenic black sand beach and has a calm, laid-back atmosphere.

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Playa Blanca

Nicknamed as the “White Beach”, it’s a paradise with lengthy stretch of glistening white sand, swaying palm trees that skirt the beach and calm Caribbean waters, perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

Playa Tilapa

Another dark sand and isolated beach that lies on the Pacific coast. The waters are great for surfing and the atmosphere gives you a real sense of calm. The village of Tilapa serves the best seafood in the region.

Playa Dorada

Referred to as the “Golden Beach” because of the minute golden pebbles found on the beach, it is located on the southern banks of Lake Izabal. It’s got great food and serene waters.

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Sipacate Beach

Untouched by mass tourism, the shoreline of this black sandy beach is clean and the water currents are pretty strong and excellent for surfing.

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The vistas of Iztapa are a sight to behold. You can surf, go fishing or whale-watching or just relax on the shore and watch the waves come and go.

Puerto San Jose

Located along the Pacific coast, it’s popular among adventures and water sport enthusiasts. You can also try sail fishing while you’re here.

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El Paredon

Although the waters aren’t ideal for beginners as they can get a little choppy, this beach is a surfer’s paradise.
If you’re not big on surfing, you can relax on one of the hammocks and spend your time doing absolutely nothing.