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9 Best Caribbean Beaches To Visit

Reshma Jirage Jul 26, 2019
The Caribbean is a region of the Americas, consisting of Caribbean Sea and about 700 islands. With its sandy shores and warm, clear water, no wonder that the Caribbean is known as ‘paradise’ for the beach-lovers from all over the world. Enjoy the Caribbean beach vacations to explore the magical underwater world for wonderful lifetime memories.

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Anguilla is one of the most favorite islands in the Caribbean. Shoal Bay is located on the Atlantic side with 2 miles of soft, shiny, white sand.
It offers many good restaurants, bars and resorts. On the east end of the beach, explore the Heritage Collection Museum with a huge collection of 1000-year old artifacts.

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Eagle Beach, Aruba

With a long stretch of sandy shores, placid waters and cheerful weather, Aruba witnesses a large number of tourists all year round. Eagle beach is one of the most fascinating beaches with white sand and blue waters perfect for swimming. A serene beach welcoming all!

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Palm Beach, Aruba

A beautiful beach vacation destination.
Home to a lot of activities and amenities, this beach comprises many good resorts and hotels, along with several vendors offering boat tours, watersports rental and many other activities. The Palm Beach Plaza Mall, Aruba’s biggest shopping mall, is located near the beach.

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Nassau, Bahamas

This is one of the spectacular beaches with sandy shores and clear waters. You should dive into the water to explore, the Blue Hole with a large number of fish species. Grab an opportunity to swim through the large openings of underwater caves to witness some large lobsters.

Crane Beach, Barbados

Barbados, known as gem of the West Indies, is a coral island with mesmerizing natural beauty. The beach has powdered corals along with soft, fine sand. The coral reefs attract the scuba divers and snorkelers with amazing underwater world. Known for high waves, Crane Beach is often crowded with surfers and even bodysurfers.

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Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Bermuda is popular for its pink-sand beaches with lovely retreats. Horseshoe Bay is not an exception, with tranquil waters and hidden coves.

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Its pink sand is due to crushed corals, shells and calcium carbonate. You may find abundance of rainbow, clown and trumpet fish in the reefs.

Hopkins Bay Beach, Belize

Along with proximity of local village, this beach allows you to enjoy your own privacy and serenity. Go for kayaking and witness a beautiful view of sunset over Victoria’s Peak, which is one of the highest mountains in Belize.

Cas Abao, Curacao

With its greenish blue, clear water, white sandy beaches and a stretch of palm trees, Cas Abao can be called as a paradise for beach lovers. Cas Abao is situated at the northwest coast of Curacao and provides perfect reefs for swimmers and snorkelers.

White Bay Beach, British Virgin Islands

This gorgeous beach is known for its blue, crystal-clear water and evergreen palm borders. It’s a great place for swimming and water activities. Just relax on the sand and enjoy the cocktails. Experience a luxurious stay in the beachside villas and cottages.