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9 Best Places to Visit in Jerusalem, Israel

Ishwari Pamu Aug 2, 2019
A city, with a long, turbulent history, torn down and rebuilt on the ruins of ancient buildings, is home to some of Judaism’s, Christianity’s and Islam’s most sacred sites and cultural landmarks. Here are a few places worth visiting in the capital city of Israel.

Old City

A labyrinth of stone-paved endless alleys dotted with historical sites, and bazaars lined with tiny shops selling everything from spices, sweets and hookahs to ceramics and handmade jewelry.

Yad Vashem

A memorial site dedicated to the six million Jews who lost their lives in the Holocaust. It most definitely is a poignant reminder of the past and a humbling experience.

Mount of Olives

A Jewish cemetery for over 3000 years and overloaded with Christian churches, this mountain ridge is of immense religious importance to Jerusalem. It also offers panoramic views of the Old City.

Dome of the Rock

Built in 691 CE, this shrine is lauded by Jews, Muslims and Christians alike. This iconic landmark is even recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

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The Western Wall

Also known as the “Wailing Wall”, this 2,000 year old wall is the only remnant of the ancient Second Jewish Temple and hence is considered as the holiest place of pilgrimage by the Jews.

City of David

An impressive archaeological wonder of the city founded by King David 3,000 years ago. It gives us a glimpse of the ancient city of Jerusalem.

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A beautiful garden at the base of Mount of Olives, with olive trees that are more than a thousand years old. It is believed that Jesus prayed here the night before his crucifixion.

Church of Holy Sepulchre

This church houses two of the most sacred sites of the city, the Calvary where, as per the Gospels, Jesus was believed to be crucified, and the Aedicula where Jesus was supposedly buried.

Mount Zion

This small hill houses the Tomb of King David, the Last Supper Room, and the Church of Dormition, where Mother Mary is supposed to have died.

More Places to Visit

  • Church of All Nations
  • Machane Yehuda market
  • The Israel Museum
  • The Knesset
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Jaffa Gate