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9 Best Places to Visit in Tirana, Albania

Capital city of Albania is a perfect amalgam of eccentricity and tranquility.
Prerana Jamdarkhana Aug 9, 2019
National Museum of History highlights the national Renaissance, mural depicting the Antifascist War, impressive sculptures and other important artifacts.
Named after Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu, the Skanderbeg Square is in the center of Albania, having prominent buildings surrounding it.
A Cultural Monument of Albania, Et’hem Bey Mosque grasps its visitors in its sheer beauty and grandeur.

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A stroll in the The Grand Park of Tirana pave way to an artificial lake, a church, Presidential Palace and other Albanian memorials.
Built as a museum for a former dictator, Pyramid of Tirana has been a topic of debate. Nevertheless, the sprawling pyramid is worth a visit.
The spiral stairway to the top of Clock Tower, next to Et’hem Bey mosque in Tirana, is an ideal place to view the attractive Albanian skyline.
Two bunkers; one converted into an art gallery and history museum, another explaining the history of Ministry of Internal Affairs and the mysterious Albanian political case, Bunk'Art 1 and 2 are unusually exciting places.
Dense with oak and pines trees, Dajti National park, full of waterfalls, caves, a lake, and an ancient castle, is loved in winter for its snowy mountains.
Climb the hill to look at the wooden Petrela Castle and enjoy the local cuisine at the restaurant inside the castle with panoramic views.

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The nightlife of this vibrant city is worth your time. Amazing cafes promising local cuisine, bars with magnetic music and fine dining, do not miss out on sharing laughter with locals while in Tirana.