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9 Best Things to Do in Gothenburg, Sweden

Ishwari Pamu Sep 21, 2019
The second city of Sweden, Gothenburg is far from similar to its counterpart, Stockholm. Located at a waterfront, it’s a slice of heaven for foodies; the climate is temperate and the atmosphere is laid back, perfect for a vacation.


Opened in 1923, this amusement park draws crowds in thousands even today. It has over 40 different thrilling rides and rollercoasters including AtmosFear, the tallest free fall in all of Europe.
But the one ride you shouldn’t miss no matter what is the head-spinning Balder, a wooden-tracked rollercoaster that is one of the best of its kind. The park opens up during Halloween and Christmas too.

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Situated beside Liseberg, it’s a public science center and museum, the largest on in the Nordics. It has an interesting and a child-friendly take on scientific topics.

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Ocean Zone, the crowning glory of the center is an aquarium with sharks and other tropical marine life. Kalejdo and Explora are other fascinating exhibits. The former lets you explore criminal science, lasers and the cosmos, while the latter is an experiment zone.


Dating back to the mid-17th century, what’s now a charming neighborhood with timber houses, chic cafés and independent boutiques was once a slum with a sordid reputation.
The Swedish tradition of fika, involving a quick coffee and bun, is still very much alive in Gothenburg, and Haga is just the place for it.

Skansen Kronan

It was built in the 17th century atop a hill as a stronghold against Denmark, but it never saw battle and the canons were never fired.
Though entry into the tower is restricted, Skansen Kronan offers commanding views of the city, particularly of Haga. It appears even more beautiful from above making it worth taking the stairs up the fort.

City Center

A canal, locally referred to as "the moat", runs around most of the city center. It’s a great place to fill your shopping bags with ceramics, kitchenware, local Swedish clothing brands, furnishings items and souvenirs.
While you’re here, visit the Victoriapassagen, a charming secret lane. The warm and irresistible smell of coffee and chocolate draws you in as you walk past the street which is an absolute delight to explore.

Gothenburg Museum of Art

Opened in 1923, this museum chiefly focuses on Nordic art collections from the 15th century and paintings by the most celebrates names from all across Europe.
The French Collection includes the works of Gauguin, Monet, Chagall, Picasso, and van Gogh.


Its name translates to "fish church" as its design was inspired by the Norwegian Stave Church and the medieval Gothic style. The building has no pillars inside and the roof is supported by beams.
Shop for freshly caught seafood or eat at one of the two restaurants, Gabriel or Kajutan, which serve the ultimate seafood delicacies or get a takeout.

The Garden Society

These well-manicured gardens were established in the 19th century and have hardly changed since.
With historic buildings, rolling landscapes of greens, rows of colorful exotic flowers, it looks like paradise, especially the rose bushes in the month of June and July.

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Instagram-worthy Places in Gothenburg

  • Älvsborg Bridge
  • The cherry blossoms in Järntorget
  • Kuggen
  • Magasinsgatan