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9 Best Tourist Attractions in Graz, Austria

Ishwari Pamu Sep 3, 2019
A place where the architecture is nothing less than extraordinary, Graz, one of the lesser-known cities of Austria, is a quieter and more laid-back version of Vienna.

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Built after Graz was named the European Cultural Capital in 2003, this 47-meter long island sits in the middle of River Mur suspended by two footbridges.

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Inside is a marvelous amphitheater and a café, and the structure is lit up by blue light during the night.

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A 473-meter high hill covered in trees that stands in the center of the city was once a fortress. It offers unbeatable views of the city and is now turned into a public park.
You can take the famed Schlossberg Bahn, a funicular, to get to the top of the hill, which it does in 3 minutes or walk up the hill if you want to burn a few calories.

The Clock Tower

Built in 1561 and a major landmark of the city, it stands 28 meters tall.
It might look just like any other clock tower but if you look closely, you’ll notice that the hands for the hours are longer than the hands for the minutes.

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Old Town

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site, it’s dotted with impressive town halls, historic landmarks, romantic cafés, medieval style houses and enviable courtyards.

Landhaus Courtyard

Built in 1565, this Renaissance style building is the finest of its type in Austria. The interiors are just as stunning as the facade. It houses the famed Stairs of Reconciliation.
What stands out the most about this building though, is the arcaded courtyard which resembles a Roman villa.

The Stairs of Reconciliation

Double spiral staircases are quite uncommon and there are only a few in the world.
The one in Graz are, undoubtedly, nothing less than an engineering masterpiece. As they split and spiral upwards only to reconcile again, give it an illusion of endless stairs.

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Graz Art Museum

You won’t miss this rather futuristic looking structure sitting in the middle of medieval era buildings.

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Locally known as “the friendly alien”, it focuses on modern art from the mid-20th century.

Eggenberg Palace

Built in the 17th century, the design of the palace follows an astronomical allegory based on the then new Gregorian Calender.


Situated in the heart of the Old Town, the design of the building, is pretty similar to the parliamentary building in Budapest.
Though it has undergone several changes over the years, it has been Graz’s town hall for centuries.