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9 Compelling Things to Do in Barbados

Rasshmie Salunkhay Jul 4, 2019
Stellar views, gorgeous stretches of sandy beaches, amazing wildlife and cultural richness makes the fascinating Caribbean jewel, Barbados a prime destination under a traveler's radar.

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Bathsheba Beach

Gaze at the crashing waves break at one of the most impressive seaside spots in the country.

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Mt. Hillaby

Take a calm nature walk or buck up for an adventurous trek at Mt. Hillaby.

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Silver Sands Beach

Boost your adrenaline rush with a thrilling bout of windsurfing at Silver Sands Beach.

St. Nicholas Abbey

Feel the charm of this 16th Century heritage site that rewards you with striking views of the east coast’s cliffs.

Atlantis Submarines

Take a voyage in Atlantis Submarines and get close to the scintillating marine life.

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West Coast of Barbados

Swim offshore along the sea turtles in one of the guided tours at the west coast.

Harrison's Cave

Get intrigued at this well-preserved limestone cavern consisting of stalactites, stalagmites and other calcite deposits.


Go on a shopping spree, wander at the neo-Gothic and Victorian England style monuments or guzzle some rum at the harbor.

Animal Flower Cave

The single most accessible sea cave on the island is pretty impressive for a quick visit.