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9 Cool Things to Do in Colmar, France

Vinam Pachkhede Sep 23, 2019
Go crazy over Colmar’s cheesy cuisine, the Little Venice and the Renaissance period while wandering the lanes with half-timbered houses and stone carved buildings. You’ll definitely experience the German and French influence merging at Colmar.

Unterlinden Museum

The former Dominican convent introduces you to seven millennial of history through its paintings, folk art, mosaic, and the altarpiece of Issenheim.

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Little Venice (La Petite Venise)

Spend the evening like a romantic movie scene, sailing in the boat along the half-timbered houses and enjoying the aroma of local Alsatian delicacies.

The Pfister House

Go 500 years back in the renaissance humanism, with the displays of biblical scriptures and German rulers.

Ancienne Douane

This oldest civic building of Colmar will tell you all about the town's political and economic history from the medieval period.

House Of the Heads

Relive the German Renaissance at this 17th century building, known for its 106 carved stone heads, wooden decors and arched doors.

St. Martin's Church

Understand all about Christ's life through the exhibits displayed here. This place is also famous for its glass-stained ambience.

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Alsatian Wine Route

Hire a bike to explore the grapevines and pamper yourself with the local wines like muscat, gewürztraminer, cremant, a pinot gris.

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Toy Museum

Bring back the child in you and re-visit the 90s time at this 25-year old museum that houses original Barbie dolls, meccano, game gear, NES, etc.


Colmar’s cuisine has a French and German blend. Alsatian casseroles, spatzles, flammekueche, bretzel, pastries, and local wine should be on your ‘must-try list.’