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9 Fun Things to Do in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Deepa Kartha Sep 17, 2019
Koh Phangan or Ko Pha-ngan is one of the hidden gems of Thailand. Located in Southeast Thailand, Koh Phangan is a backpacker's favorite destination known for its parties, hiking trails, beaches and night markets.
Koh Phangan is synonymous to the Full Moon Parties it hosts every month. The Sunset Beach at Haad Rin is the main venue where people celebrate with booze, music and revelry.

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Beach Hopping

Although popular for its amazing parties, Koh Phangan also has some beautiful, secluded beaches endowed with white sand and blue waters. Nain Pan Beach, Bottle Beach, Coconut Beach, Sunset Beach and Salad Beach are the few best ones.

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Go on a Boating Tour

Exploring all the beaches of Koh Phangan could be difficult on foot or even by bike. Hence, opting for a boat tour would be a great idea to check out all the beaches at ease.

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Check Out the Waterfalls

Apart from beaches, Koh Phangan offers 7 most magical waterfalls you would have ever seen. Take a refreshing dip at Pheng, Than Sadet, Paradise and Than Prawes waterfalls to rejuvenate.

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Go Hiking!

Hiking enthusiasts would love the challenge of hiking on Khao Ra, the tallest mountain in Koh Phangan. Standing at 627 m, it gives you some incredible views of the island.

Visit the Night Market

Locally known as Panthip Market, the Thong Sala Night Market is a gourmet paradise. Right from the freshest seafood dishes to the most delicious noodles, sushi and pizza, you can enjoy a lip-smacking food at giveaway prices.

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Enjoy Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Explore the underwater life of Koh Phangan by going scuba diving at Sail Rock or Southwest Pinnacle. For those not comfortable with scuba diving, the beaches of Haad Ya and Haad Salad offer great snorkeling opportunities.

Take a Thai Cooking Class

Can't get enough of Thai food? Why not learn about the nuances of Thai cooking. Koh Phangan has several Thai cooking classes that teach everything about Thai ingredients as well as the cooking methods and recipes.

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Watch Stunning Sunsets

Some of the most gorgeous sunsets happen at Koh Phangan. You can either choose one of the beautiful beaches, the famous Amsterdam Bar or the Secret Mountain (restaurant) to witness amazing sunsets, every day.

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Enjoy Partying!

Apart from the Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan, the island also hosts the Half Moon Party and the Black Moon Party. Although held on a smaller scale and at different location, they are nothing less than fun.