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9 Inescapable Attractions in Lecce, Italy

Akshay Kulkarni Dec 2, 2019
Lecce, often described as "the Florence of the south," was even called 'the most beautiful city in Italy' by the renowned Irish traveler Thomas Ashe. Renowned for its beautiful historical structures, the city is surrounded by attractive countryside and seashores.

Castle of Charles V

An impressive, medieval castle rich in history and laced with a museum, it is also the largest castle in the Puglia region.

Villa Comunale di Lecce

The green retreat of Lecce, is a lovely urban park furnished with pretty sculptures and a charming fountain.

Basilica di Santa Croce

The majestic Baroque cathedral with striking exteriors and exquisite interiors, is an impressive work of detailed and intricate craftsmanship.

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Roman Amphitheatre of Lecce

The centerpiece of Lecce, is remains of the 2nd century Roman amphitheatre which now serves as a venue for events and concerts.

Museo Faggiano

One of the most interesting places in Lecce, this family-run museum is a fun archaeological tour.

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Lecce Cathedral

A magnificent cathedral with an excellently carved facade and a 72-meter tall bell tower built by Giuseppe Zimbalo.

Porta Rudiae

A well preserved historical landmark, it is a striking gateway to the Centro Storico area of Lecce.

Porta Napoli

Another historical gateway into the old town of Lecce, this monumental arch was built as a tribute to  Charles V.

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Piazza del Duomo

The most prominent and beautiful square of Lecce, encompasses spectacular buildings and lights up ravishingly at night.