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9 Interesting Things to Do in Edmonton Canada

Priya Johnson Aug 27, 2019
Edmonton, the capital of Alberta in Canada is a city known for its historic as well as modern, urban architecture. It’s home to Canada’s largest living history museum and also the largest mall in North America.

Sunset from Walterdale Bridge Walkway

This arch bridge is a striking feature in the heart of the city. Take a walk on the walkway and enjoy the view of the city and the sunset from here.

High Level Bridge Streetcar Ride

Book a ride on the city’s historic street car from the early 1900’s and enjoy a tour around the city.
Ride the iconic high-level streetcar on the 100-year-old high-level bridge for a magnificent view of Edmonton city.

Muttart Conservatory: Botanical Garden

Shaped like a giant glass pyramid, this urban botanical garden is popular attraction housing four different environments in each of the four pyramids. However, due to an 18-month renovation, it will now open only in the year 2021.

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Alberta Legislature Building Tour

One of the most iconic buildings in the city, this architectural marvel is the meeting place of the legislative assembly.

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A guided tour around the building will give you insight about the legislative process, history, art and architecture of the building.

Iconic Fort Edmonton Park

The largest living history museum in Canada, this open-air museum is a popular tourist attraction in Edmonton city.
All the buildings, houses, fort and streets have been recreated as exact replicas as those of 100 years ago. Transport yourself to the past and enjoy live performances by costumed artists.
A wagon, pony, or a vintage car ride through the park is a fun way to tour Canada's largest living history museum.

Walking Tour Old Strathcona District

Edmonton’s Heritage District, Old Strathcona is a lovely place to stroll around and soak in the historic charm. It's also a great place to shop and dine.

Take the Funicular at River Valley

A fun and convenient way to go to River Valley is by taking the funicular from 100 Street. Enjoy the view of the river, have a picnic, or even walk along the promenade.

West Edmonton Mall

The largest shopping mall in North America, this huge mall offers a lot more than the regular shopping and dining.
It’s popularly loved for its star attractions like the water park, ice rink, underground aquarium, huge indoor amusement park, and much more.

Mill Creek Ravine Park

Edmonton city is home to a large number of beautiful parks, and in the southern part is the scenic Mill Creek Ravine Park. A lovely place to walk, hike, etc.