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9 Interesting Things to Do in Windsor, Canada

A southernmost city of Canada, situated on the banks of the Detroit river, Windsor has a rich history and cultural diversity.
Shruti Nair Sep 18, 2019

Windsor Sculpture Park

Go on a visual voyage with 35 large-scale sculptures, while you stroll the park.

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Dieppe Gardens

Take a walk amidst flower beds and marvel at the smoke-and-mirror Detroit skyline.

Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival

Experience the world’s biggest fireworks display, hosted by the two cities on Canada Day and the Fourth of July.

Chimczuk Museum and the Art Gallery of Windsor

Sharing a building with Chimczuk Museum, where the region's history resides; the Art Gallery of Windsor displays some remarkable pieces.

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International Windsor

Enjoy the company of likes of Los Lobos and Steve Earle, standing right on the river at Festival Plaza, this festival is every music enthusiast’s dream.

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Canadian Whiskey

Taste the richness of Canadian whiskey at the fulcrum of Canadian whisky-making, where the largest distillery in North America resides.

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Caesars Windsor

Stop and roll some dice or see a show at the Colosseum.

Battagello River Walk

Walk the trail that starts at the Ambassador Bridge and runs through the city.

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Sandpoint Beach

Sunbathe or have a picnic at the beach which is backed by a lovely park.