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9 Most Beautiful Castles in Austria You Have to Visit

Akshay Kulkarni Jul 2, 2019
Austria, an alpine country, boasts a plethora of majestic castles that are as fortifying as they are breathtaking. So whenever you're planning to visit Austria, don't miss out on these imposing fortresses.

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Schloss Ort

Sitting gracefully in nature's lap at Gmunden, it is an elegant Renaissance architecture.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Sitting atop the Festungsberg hill, this 11th-century fortress is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe.

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Kreuzenstein Castle

Majestically overlooking the Leobendorf town, this castle is featured in many movies including Nicolas Cage's Season of the Witch.

Hohenwerfen Castle

A well-preserved medieval castle which offers panoramic view of the terrain around.

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Hofburg Palace

Perched at the heart of Vienna, this imperial palace houses three distinct museums.

Kufstein Fortress

A former prison, this imposing castle offers multiple museums which showcase the history that lies within its walls.

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Schonbrunn Palace

A major tourist attraction in Vienna, this Baroque palace has 1,441 rooms in total.

Castle Riegersburg

Perched on a dormant volcano, this resplendent castle is situated at a height of 450 m.

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Belvedere Palace

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this set of two palaces was built in the 18th-century and it now houses an extensive art collection.