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9 Places to Discover in St. Petersburg, Russia

Ishwari Pamu Aug 9, 2019
St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, has so much to explore and offers so many activities that making an itinerary can be overwhelming. Here are some of the places you must visit in the city.

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State Hermitage Museum

Established in 1764 by Catherine the Great, the second largest art museum in the world houses a collection of more than 3 million items of which only a small part is displayed in the museum.

Catherine Palace and Park

The crown jewel of Tsarskoye Selo, the incredible Rococo-style palace with interiors that are nothing less than grand was the summer residence of the Tsars of Russia.
A well-manicured landscaped park, complete with beautiful buildings, follies, sculptures, promenade and a large pond, extends around the Catherine Palace.

The Grand Palace

The opulent palace is a bit smaller compared to the other palaces for the Tsars.
It’s recommended that you visit during day time in summer when the fountains are functional. The Chesme Hall, the Picture Hall and Peter’s Study are a must see.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Founded by Peter the Great, it was built as a stronghold.
It has had several incarnations as a military bas, a jail, place for conduct scientific experiments and is now a burial ground for the Romanov family and a museum.

Yusupov Palace

Also known as the Moika Palace, it was home to the Yusupov family and is popular as the place where the notorious Grigori Rasputin was assassinated on December 17, 1916. The entire scene, in the basement where it happened, is recreated in wax.

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Kazan Cathedral

It’s really difficult not to notice the church’s impressive stone colonnade.

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The embellished interiors don’t disappoint either. It houses the icon of Our Lady of Kazan and the Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism.

Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood

Built where Tsar Alexander II was murdered, the construction of the church took 24 years to complete.

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A fine example of classic Russian Orthodox church, it has five onion domes and the interiors are decorated with elaborate mosaics.

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St. Isaac's Cathedral

Construction of this Neoclassical building began in 1818 and nearly 100 kg of pure gold leaf was used on the iconic dome alone.

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The kolonnada at the base of the dome offers unrivaled vistas of the city.

F. M. Dostoyevsky Literary Memorial Museum

The apartment where he lived during the final years of his life and where he wrote “The Brothers Karamazov” and “The Double”. It has been recreated according to the memoirs of his wife, Anna and the museum hosts elaborate exhibitions on his life and literary work.

Other Places Worth Visiting

  • John Lennon Street
  • Russian Vodka Museum
  • Nevsky Prospect
  • Faberge Museum
  • Freud’s Dream Museum
  • Russian Museum of Military Medicine