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9 Places to Visit in Lugano, Switzerland

Also known as the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland”, Lugano’s architecture, food, culture and lifestyle is the cross-pollination of Switzerland and Italy.
Ishwari Pamu Jul 30, 2019

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Lake Lugano

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It offers spectacular vistas of the city and the surrounding steep mountains enveloped in a carpet of sub-tropical flora make for a stunning backdrop.

Monte Brè

A funicular rail takes you up this mountain which stands overlooking the magnificent Lake Lugano. Squeezed into this mountain is an exceedingly scenic, quaint little village of Brè.

The Alprose Chocolate Museum

A treat for kids and adults alike, this museum speaks of the history of chocolate and let’s you observe the process that goes into making chocolate.
You can also sample their chocolates for free. All the more reason to go to the museum!

Parco Ciani

A spacious garden along the banks of Lake Lugano, it has long stretches of pathways lined with trees and sub-tropical flora where you can amble around and spend your day leisurely.

Monte San Salvatore

Take the funicular that takes you to the peak of this steep mountain to get breathtaking views of the entire valley, the Alps and Lake Lugano.

Lugano Old Town

An interesting place to explore gorgeous Italian-style houses and the Palazzo Civico where you can admire a sculpture symbolizing strength and power, the Spartacus. Or head to Via Nassa for a typical Lugano shopping experience.

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The Churches of Lugano

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The city has churches with impressive vistas of the lake and the Alps. The Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Madonna del Sasso and the Church of San Rocco are worth visiting.


Seated at the base of Monte Brè, this charming little lakeside village is the last one before the Italian territory and is characterized by stone-laid narrow streets, colorful cozy little houses.


Located on the bank of Lake Lugano and set in lush greenery and vast stretches of vineyards, it's considered as “the pearl of Ceresio”, and was voted as the “Most beautiful village of Switzerland” in 2016.