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9 Popular Tourist Attractions in Corfu, Greece

Priya Johnson Aug 27, 2019
Touted as one of the most gorgeous of the Greek Islands, Corfu is a picturesque island studded with ancient Venetian castles, fortresses, and a number of high observation points that give breathtaking panoramic views.

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Old Town of Corfu

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, old town of Corfu is admired for its Venetian architecture. Walk around Old Town and soak in its charm.

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Sunset View at Kaiser's Throne

This ancient throne is situated on a cliff and the perfect observation point to see Corfu in all its natural glory.
Enjoy a phenomenal panoramic view of Greece’s West coast from up here. It’s a popular tourist attraction for the stunning sunset views.

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Legendary Mouse Island or Pontikonisi

One of the most photographed spots of Corfu, this tiny islet is loved for its lush green natural setting and stunning views.
According to legend, the islet was actually a ship that was stoned and converted to land by the Greek God Poseidon. Short boat trips take visitors to this islet.

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Church of Panagia Vlacherna

A flight of stairs leading from Kanoni hill leads to a narrow bridge on the water that in turn leads to this iconic 17th-century white chapel built on a tiny islet.
The church’s idyllic natural setting makes it a popular spot for photography enthusiasts.

Achilleion Palace

Built in 1981 by the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, this palace revolves around the Greek legendary hero, Achilles.
The palace is known for its architecture, statues of Greek Gods and Goddesses, beautiful gardens, and even a gorgeous view of the Corfu coast.

Angelokastro Castle

One of the most important Byzantine castle’s in Greece, this fortified castle is situated on top of the highest peak on the island’s shoreline. Although in ruins, this 13th century fortress is worth the visit due to the breathtaking panoramic view it provides.

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Old Fortress

Accessible by a flight of stairs, this 15th century fort is worth the climb for the lovely view it gives of the sea, town and harbour.

Cape Drastis

The highlights of this cape are its distinctive patterned cliffs, small sea caves and that it’s the most northwestern point of Corfu island.
Since it’s only accessible during favorable weather conditions, check before you go.

Porto Timoni Double Beach

Porto Timoni is a unique and stunning beach; featuring two beaches separated from one another by a small strip of land. Since it’s not well-known, beach facilities aren’t available.