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9 Things to Do in Beaune, France

Ishwari Pamu Sep 8, 2019
Beaune offers the much needed detox from the chaos of the city life, complete with biblical amount of wine, the best of French cuisine, quiet evening walks through streets that look straight out of the Roman era and more.

Hôtel-Dieu Museum

The Hundred Year’s War had been recently over and Burgundy had seen a sudden break-out of the Plague, in circa 1443, wiping out more than half the population of the town, and so the then Chancellor of Burgundy, Nicolas Rolin, established a shelter house for the citizens in dire need.
What stands out the most about the former almshouse are the colorful glazed tiles with geometrical patterns and the interiors are just as impressive, featuring the Polyptych of the Last Judgement, an 18th century pharmacy and more.

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The Old Town

Roaming in the historic old city of Beaune transports you back in time with buildings, houses and stone-laid streets which remind you of the medieval, pre-Roman and the Roman eras.

The Old City Gate

Porte St. Nicolas, an 18th century gate is the only one remaining and it stands on the northern entrance of the old city.
It was built with an aim to make an impression on the visitors and it’s only fit to say that it still does.

La Moutarderie Fallot

Take a tour of the last independent family-run company who are in the business of making stone-ground mustard since 1840 and discover the history, traditional technique and modern practices that goes into mustard making.

Basilique Notre-Dame de Beaune

There is no shortage of Romanesque style buildings in Burgundy and this 12th century church is nothing less than a fine example.
What’s even more breathtaking are the interiors, featuring elaborate 15th century tapestries and the stained glass windows.

Explore the Town on Foot

Beaune is a town best explored on foot, idling your way through the cobblestone streets while taking in the warm sunlight which is always just the right amount and all the ancient ramparts make the experience all the more unique.

Visit the Saturday Market

Hundreds of vendors set up shops every Saturday at Place de La Halle to sell their fresh produce which includes fruits, cheeses, meats and other culinary products.
You’ll find books - old and new, antique, beautiful vases and more at the Place Carnot just a few strides away from Place de La Halle.

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Tour the Vineyards

Pedal your way through never ending and some of the best-in-the-world vineyards like Pommard, Meursauly, Corton-Charlemagne, and the list just goes on.

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There are several miles of underground cellars below the streets of Beaune, visit one of the local wineries to taste the wines produced in the region; Marché aux Vins, a local winery located opposite Hôtel-Dieu is a good place to start.