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9 Things to Do in Cinque Terre, Italy

Ishwari Pamu Aug 2, 2019
Imagine beautiful pastel-colored houses, smell of the Mediterranean Sea, rocky beaches, thick Italian accents, gelato stacked precariously high, delicious pasta, and some of the best Panna cotta you’ve ever tasted. All this makes up Cinque Terre.

Doria Castle

Situated in Portovenere, it dominates the town’s landscape and is of great cultural and historical significance to Cinque Terre. Enjoy stunning views of the Poet’s Gulf from the castle.

Visit the Church of San Giovanni Battista

Built in the early 1300s and located in the upper region of the town Riomaggiore, it is a valuable example of local Gothic style of the 14th century.

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Explore Manarola

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Complete with candy-colored houses stacked one on top of the other on a steep cliff overlooking the Ligurian Sea, narrow streets laid in stone and cozy little restaurants that serve delicious freshly caught seafood, Manarola is the most gorgeous town in Cinque Terre.

Guvano Beach

Guvano Beach is a hidden beach on the coast of Corniglia. Getting here is quite a challenge but most certainly worth it. Clothing is optional in some parts of the beach.

Punta Mesco

If you want to watch the sun go down, changing the soft blue sky into a fiery red, then this is the perfect spot. It offers breathtaking views of the Cinque Terre coastline.

Try the Pansotti

A type of ravioli stuffed with soft cheese and greens, it is served with walnut sauce. It is one of the dishes, particular in Cinque Terre.

Drink Up on the Wine

The desert wine, Sciacchetrà, served with cheese or with dessert at the end of your meal, is one of the most peculiar types of wine produced here.

Eat Your Body Weight in Gelato

It’s a little denser and sweeter than ice cream. Try a new flavor in every town you visit, for motivation to climb all the stairs and hike to explore the towns.

Go for a Hike

If you are a die-hard hiker, instead of taking the boat ferry or the train ride, you can hike the hiking paths connecting the five towns.