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9 Unusual Things to Do in Egypt

Ishwari Pamu Jul 4, 2019
With a foundation that runs nearly 7000 years deep, Egypt is a whole new world in itself. It has a lot to offer than just the pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Here are a few things to do in Egypt that are not mainstream.

Montazah Palace

Though the palace is off-limits, you can stroll around in the extensive lush green gardens and admire the palace as it baths in the rays of the setting sun.

White Desert

Visit the surreal landscape of the most unusual calcium rock formations. If you get there during a full moon, you can watch the moonlight bounce off the chalk-rocks giving the desert a white iridescent glow.


Dating back to AD 861, this ancient scientific instrument, in Rawda Island, was used to measure and monitor the Nile’s water level during the flood season.
You can walk all the way down and see the three tunnels that were used to let the water in.

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Temple of Hathor

It has one of the most remarkably unimpaired artwork in Egypt considering all the soot it was once covered in.

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Check out the stone relief of the famed Dandera Light Bulb which is widely interpreted as a depiction of the modern light bulb.

City of the Dead

Located on the outskirts of Cairo, it was once a necropolis used to house the dead of the 7th century. Now, citizens have taken up residence in these mausoleums.

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Hatshepsut's Temple

This was built to honor the most iconic woman in Egyptian history – Hatshepsut, the first female pharaoh, 14 centuries before Cleopatra.

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This mortuary temple, one of the most prominent architectural masterpieces in Egypt, houses reliefs of scenes from her reign along with well-preserved reliefs of Egyptian Gods like Anubis, Amun and Re, and Goddess Hathor in their respective shrines.

Khan el-Khalilli Bazaar

This traditional bazaar is home to narrow alleys, a lot of old cafes, shops to buy souvenirs from, and historic structures. Visit Muizz Street to admire the medieval Islamic architecture.

Mount Sinai

This is where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. Hike to Mount Sinai to watch the sun set into the rugged mountains.

The Blue Hole, Red Sea

Dive into the deadliest diving spot in the world, if you’re up for the challenge. This 328 feet deep sinkhole is also known as the "Divers' Cemetery”.

Other Offbeat Places to Visit

  • Temple of Kom Ombo
  • Desert Breath
  • The City of Heracleion
  • Blue Desert
  • The Hanging Church