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9 Ways to Save Money On Travel! Tips You Likely Aren't Doing!

Joel McLaughlin Dec 04, 2019
9 of the best tips to save you hundreds on any extended trip! Better yet, you likely aren't doing most of them! We find those odd savings you don't think of, and they add up! Without lowering your trip quality!

1. Flexible Dates

Flexible dates can save you tons of money! Websites like Fareboom or Panflights reduce your cost by hundreds of dollars by searching flexible dates for you and offering suggestions! We did a fast test for a round trip flight from PHX to JFK across the US for under $210! Absolutely incredible rates versus the typical $800 or so flight cost!

2. Hotel Comparisons

Hotel comparisons on websites like Kayak and Momondo allow you to search all leading hotel vendors to find the lowest rates for your overnight stays. On average, doing this small research can save you hundreds of dollars on a week long stay! Oh, and see what credit card gives you the best rewards for Travel! Some give 5% or 10% cash back!

3. Vacation Rentals

Check out Vacation rentals! We just went on a trip to the Virgin Islands during prime time! Well, the $150 / night rate we were looking at in terms of quality dropped to $59 per night in an awesome little bungalow in Meghans Bay! Even more incredible location - and right next to the beach side cove bar. Worth it! Great sites are AirBNB, VRBO and Homeaway!

4. Ride Cost Effectively!

Make smart transportation choices! If you are rarely going to drive, Uber or Lyft instead of using a rental car! If you can use public transit, give it a try to save big! Neither an option? Rental car deals are out there!  Comparison shop AutoRentals.com or Turo to find deals or fancy cars! Avoid airport reservations (usually more costly).

5. Pack Like a Whiz

Pack effectively and conservatively. Save money on extra luggage fee by consolidating luggage, using free carry ons and avoiding extra baggage costs!
  1. Start with a packing list & shrink it
  2. Use personal item wisely
  3. Roll, don't fold
  4. Pick what you need
  5. Wash clothes on trip
  6. Neutral clothing allows more options
  7. Travel size everything

6. Insurance Not Needed

Insurance isn't always needed! For example, your car rental insurance may already provide adequate rental coverage. Your credit card may cover flight insurance - or airline flight cancellation fee! Usually this is an agreement with airline and card company. You may have travel insurance on a vehicle if you drive it in Mexico. It's worth checking!

7. Cruise to Savings

Taking a cruise?
  1. Save on Drinks - Drink when docked, and you can carry a bottle of wine. Consider your drinking habits, whether to buy a drink package.
  2. You can book future cruises at steep discounts on your current cruise.
  3. Check travel sites like Priceline.
  4. Book interior if you are in the room.

8. Arrive Late at Hotel

If you're traveling off season, many nice hotels will upgrade you if it's end of the night on a short stay to a nicer room. Never be nervous to ask for a free upgrade, some times there are extra larger rooms during non peak times. They want great experiences & good reviews. A simple "are you able to upgrade my room" is worth it.

9. Park To Savings

Believe it or not, biggest savings start before you take off! When possible, get dropped off at the airport. If you need to use airport parking, consider 3rd party services! We found the best PHL airport parking rates at Smartpark and saved almost 50%. I was shocked - the service & employees were amazing! Spothero will save you on parking across US!


Thank you for reading, and we hope you found this helpful!  We wanted to provide at least 1 or 2 tips to save you over $100 on your next trip! Keep saving money on vacations!

Article by Joel McLaughlin

Joel enjoys writing content re: travel & money savings tips! Joel is the Founder of Dataflurry Digital Content Marketing. Cheers!