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A Perfect Road Trip From Scenic Jaipur to Wild Ranthambore

ScoutMyTrip Jul 29, 2019
Rajasthan has an abundant of destinations you can visit at any point of the year, with Jaipur being the capital city of Rajasthan. But your road trip to Rajasthan doesn't just end here. There are numerous small road trips you can make within Rajasthan. Here's one such road trip from Jaipur to Ranthambore.
While the 'pink city' is itself beautiful, the highway connecting both the cities is also great. The Jaipur - Kota road is a paradise for photographers.
And if you have an appetite for authentic Rajasthani cuisine, then there are numerous dhabas along the way that will more than satiate your appetite.
All part of the Jaipur to Ranthambore sightseeing, your eyes, and dare we say mouth too, is set to receive the feast of your lifetime.
The roads are in decent conditions all through the 180 km drive. However, there's just a small patch of about 20-25 km where the road conditions aren't good.

Inside Ranthambore

What's a road trip here without the ever famous Ranthambore Safari? If you are traveling by your own car (sedan) make sure you book your 6-seater Gypsy SUV before you enter for the safari. Each vehicle will have a driver and guide for instructions and to take you to the best spots during the safari.

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The best times to spot the Tiger is during the summers. Do remember to check safari timings depending on the season in which you are traveling. This is important as timings differ in both summer and the winter season.
The most prominent thing to do in Ranthambore is your trip to the National Park. You can stay at numerous places close to the National Park if you don't intend to enter the city much.
Make the best of your trip to Rajasthan and enjoy the wildlife that Ranthambore has to offer you. A wide variety of animals, birds and flora can be seen inside the park.