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A Visit to Magical Lapland in Finland

A land painted out of a dream, Lapland feels like Christmas year round.
Prerana Jamdarkhana Aug 1, 2019


Capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi has sprung out of destruction and how! You are sure to be enthralled by the Rovaniemi experience.
Imagine Santa having a home! Right when you arrive in the city, from roads to cafes, you know its all about Santa. The city of Rovaiemi has a Santa Claus Village, where he greets people all day.
Arktikum is home to a science centre and a cultural museum. It also portrays everyday hardships of Arctic people and northern ways of life.
A joyful ride with the furry friends, Rovaniemi offers everyone’s favourite, husky and reindeer rides!


Home to hike trails and ski areas, Saariselkä is a resort village in Lapland.

Go swoop-swoop!

Saariselkä has many ski resorts for adventure enthusiasts who want to experience snaking down the snow mountains. The season spans from late October to February.


This village is home to Urho Kekkonen National Park- full of pine trees, native reindeers and Korvatunturi fell.

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Ivalo also has many fascinating trails for people to watch the northern lights.


Kemi is all about a super giant ship Sampo icebreaker, a Gothic church and a National Park bay, that has traditional fishing huts.

Experience Lapland During Ruska

Every shade of nature comes alive in Lapland during Ruska, the autumn season. The colors of autumn are much awaited for activities in Lapland - Hiking, Trekking, Reindeer watching, Berries plucking, etc.

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Midnight Sun

Ever heard of a sunny night? Midnight Sun occurs in summer due to positions of Earth and its rotation around the Sun.

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Mighnight Sun calls for cultural fest and Midnight Sun Festival that bring people together to enjoy as a community.

Sami Culture

Experience closely the native group of Sami in Lapland, famous for their own unique culture and age-old tradition.