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A Visitor's Guide to Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan

Vinam Pachkhede Sep 28, 2019
Having many floral seasons, a mecca of wisteria and cherry blossoms; CNN once added the Ashikaga Flower Park in its ‘Top 10 Dream Tourist Destinations in the World' list.

About the Park

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Visit the paradise of wisteria in Japan, housing more than 350 trees of wisteria. Many other flowers bloom in the park like hydrangeas, irises, water lilies, roses, cherry blossoms, tulips.
Ashikaga Flower Park evidently celebrates the Japanese culture of admiring and arranging flowers. While gazing around, you will definitely enjoy and applaud the maintenance and arrangement of trees planted there.
The park features a lot of domes, hillocks, and climber screens bloomed with wisteria that make the park even more picturesque.

Highlights of the Park

Wisteria Tunnel

Walk through the 80 m long wisteria umbrella and witness the 150-year-old wisteria tree.

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The Great Wisteria Festival

The festival is held from mid April to mid May when the flowers are in full bloom and in different shades.

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Flower Fantasy

The park looks enthralling when illuminated with 4.5 million LED lights!

Wisteria Themed Snacks

The park is also known for the flower (mainly) wisteria-themed ice cream, candies, and other munchies.

Best Time to Visit

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The park is more colourful during the spring season as it comes knocking with the lively, colourful tulips and spireas.


Known as the Golden Week, savor the beauty of wisteria. The gorgeous clusters bloom in shades of pink, violet, purple, white, yellow.


As the spring and summer ends, the park welcomes the tsuyu (rainy) season with the bed of hydrangeas blossoming in blue, white, and pink color.


Painted in deep purple, the garden looks captivating as the flowers Amethyst Sage are fully budded.

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The park is best visited after sunset during the holiday season. From late October to February, the park is decorated with dazzling lights ans Christmas tree.  

How to Reach the Park

By Train

Start at the Asakusa Station ride till Kuki Station. Change the train and go till Oyama Station and get down at the Tomita Station. It's a 13-minute walk to reach the park from this station.

By Bus

Catch the daily free shuttle bus from the Ashikaga Station to the park (during the off-peak seasons), but is chargeable during the peak seasons (spring until mid-May).