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A Visitor’s Guide to Chioggia, Italy

Priya Johnson Aug 26, 2019
The oldest and largest fishing port in Italy, Chioggia is a small seaside town overlooking the Venetian Lagoon. It's a town interconnected by canals and is a great weekend getaway destination.

Historic Ponte Vigo Bridge

Canal Vena can be crossed over via 9 bridges, the most iconic of which is the Ponte Vigo Bridge with its beautiful arch.

Piazzetta Vigo: Chioggia Square

This open square is a fun and lively place to spend the evening perusing through souvenir shops, munching at the local eateries, and even interacting with the locals.

Chioggia Center Stroll: Corso Del Popolo

Running from one end of the island to the other, this 1km long main street is the heart of the historic center of Chioggia, lined with quaint Venetian-style buildings, eateries, and shops.
Nicknamed as 'Little Venice' or 'The Little Sister of Venice', Chioggia is a city proud of its water canals, harbor, fishing boats, bridges, and seafood.

World's Oldest Clock: St. Andrew's Church

Built in 1386, into St. Andrew's tower, this mechanical clock happens to be the oldest clock of its kind in operation today. It can be only visited on Sunday and other holidays.

Iconic Fish Market

Watch an extensive variety of fresh fish being unloaded from the fishing boats. Both the wholesale as well as retail markets are worth visiting.

Chioggia Beaches

Since Chioggia is situated on the southern tip of the Venetian Lagoon, it's a beach paradise with a beautiful, sandy shoreline.

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Canal Boat Tour on Canal Vena

Canal Vena divides the city into two and runs around the city forming the connecting link. A boat tour along this canal is a wonderful way to explore the city and view the important landmarks.

Church of Saint Dominic

Built in the early 13th century on an island in Chioggia, this church looks stunning with water surrounding it. This historic church still has the original bell tower and a crucifix dating to the 13th century.

Annual Fish Festival

Every year during the month of July, the people of Chioggia gear up for the Annual Fish Festival. Since 1938, heaps and heaps of seafood are prepared, sold and eaten during this festival.