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A Visitor's Guide to Gallipoli, Italy

Nupur Lakhe Aug 28, 2019
This Italian town is a popular fishing port and known for its beaches. In lieu of being popular among tourists commercially, it maintains an authentic vibe and caters to the visitors in its own unique way.

Old Town of Gallipoli

Wandering in the old town lanes gives a historic picture of the architecture that prevails here. Click some lovely postcard pictures in these stony lanes.

Gallipoli Port

A massive port which harbors private boats. The adjoining beach serves the tourists with a good sunset and lets them have a fun time amidst blue waves.

Gallipoli Cathedral

Cathedral of Saint Agatha is one of the main religious buildings - an admirable Baroque architecture. The bell tower stands tall in the city center of Gallipoli behind it.

Angioino Castle

Also known as Castle Nuovo, its scenic location and massive size makes it an architectural landmark of the city.

Churches of Gallipoli

Gallipoli has a plethora of churches with magnificent architecture and interior carvings. Basilica Cathedral of St Agata is one of them.

Church of Carmine

This church in the old town of Gallipoli was rebuilt in 1838. Simple looking but one of the historic churches of this place.

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Gallipoli Museum

Apart from the beaches and churches, the city hosts a museum which houses a collection of antique objects and specimens of marine life.

Island of St. Andrea

Sprawling over a large area the coast oozes out with natural archaeological beauty. Spend a day here trying out the local cuisine and exploring the coastal water sights.

Wine and Sunset

Gallipoli sunsets are glorious and feel perfect when enjoyed with a glass of wine. Book yourself a table at a restaurant by the port beach and savoir some fine Italian wine.

Make Some Beachy Moments

Spend a leisure day at the beach enjoying the moderate temperature and cool blue water. Indulge in a local cuisine at the port side eateries.