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A Walk Through the Ancient Streets of Volterra, Italy

Sonali Pimpale Nov 29, 2019
With traces of a rich history going back to 3rd century BC, the walled hilltop town of Tuscany has managed to safeguard its medieval roots against the passage of time!
Two of Volterra’s greatest attractions in one place! Noted for housing exquisite works of art, the 13th century Palazzo, Tuscany’s oldest city hall, sits on the bustling square of the same name.

Palazzo dei Priori and Piazza dei Priori

An 18th century museum that lets you leaf through the evidence of Volterra’s Etruscan and Roman civilization.

Guarnacci Etruscan Museum

Porta dell'Arco

A part of the city’s ancient city walls built by the Etruscans. The 3rd or 4th century arch is flanked by three weather-beaten heads. Rendered unrecognizable by the relentless blows of the wind, your guess for what or who the heads represent is as good as anyone’s.

Roman Theatre

Stunningly well-preserved ruins of a colossal amphitheater that harks back to the 1st century.
An ancient 12th century church that pays tribute to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Though the exterior does not promise much, the gorgeous interiors will leave you stunned.

Volterra Cathedral

For centuries, Volterra has been in close liaison with the valuable stone, evident in the city’s architecture. The museum celebrates this relationship by showcasing the history of alabaster production, techniques of working with the stone and an array of beautiful objects made from it.

Ecomuseum of Alabaster

An esteemed museum devoted to the works of Tuscany’s art extraordinaires. Rosso Fiorentino’s celebrated work, Deposition from the Cross, is the establishment’s focal point.

Pinacoteca and Civic Museum

An imposing thirteenth century stronghold that stands protectively over the city from the highest point of the hill.

Fortezza Medicea (Medici Fortress)

A substantial part of the fortress was built when Florence conquered Volterra, after the cities’ relationship turned sour in the late 15th century.
As the seat of power of the Volturi, the formidable coven of vampires from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, Volterra holds a special place in the hearts of the fantasy romance lovers.

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Recognizing the devotion of the fans, Volterra offers a thrilling tour that will take you through the settings from the series’ New Moon novel, culminating with a spine-chilling finale!