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Advantages of Off-season Traveling

Renuka Savant Oct 4, 2019
Off-season travel?! Why on earth would anyone want to do that? Does it even make sense? Of course it does, and here is precisely why.

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To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love
We often associate off-season travel with budgeting or cost-cutting. You know, it's something to be done as a last resort, not something that you actively look forward to. And it surely is justified, isn't it? Off-season just seems like a polite term for depressing weather, and an overall lack of conducive conditions for traveling.
Of late, however, this term has begun to gain a steady stream of followers. The so-called peak season, on the other hand, is constantly losing ground owing to the large crowds and exorbitant costs that tend to be associated with it.

So without further ado, let's take a look at what lull period travel has in store for us.

5 Advantages of Off-Season Travel

You're sure to enjoy the journey

The trains are empty, and so are the airplanes.
Off-season travel isn't to everyone's taste, so this is the time when airline companies come down to earth (in the literal sense) and offer a bunch of goodies to keep their business afloat. You can mainly expect lowered fares, automatic upgrades, and even complimentary travel miles if you're a frequent traveler.

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In the coming holiday season, when a New York-Los Angeles-New York flight costs as much as or more than a New York-Dubai-New York flight, you know where to head, and that too in the comfort of business class.

And live in the lap of luxury

Off-season translates to a downer for the hotel businesses as well. Ordinarily, 5-star luxury is only something that we tend to dream of, but this is the perfect time to transform this into reality.
Grand chain hotels slash their rates like crazy in order to fill up their rooms during this time, and worry not, the availability is fairly decent too. So make the most of it and book a swish room in a 5-star. You're free to spend the amount you've thus saved on shopping.
So, even if there's three feet of snow at your destination, you can always relax at your hotel's spectacular spa.

There's a whole new world out there

Every season has its own charm, doesn't it? For instance, people usually prefer to visit Europe in the summer, which is regarded as the best time to be there.
But really, doesn't it get rather sweltering if you're in Naples or Madrid in July? Ever spent a Christmas in either places? It's the perfect lull period vacation you'll have. It can be the most perfect vacation you'll ever have.

And it's completely secluded

Who will like to be pushed and shoved while taking a selfie during sunset? Or have wallet stolen in a crowded street? Off-season travel translates to privacy, peace of mind, and seclusion.
When you travel to get away from the maddening crowds, you'd rather not go to a place full of maddening crowds, right?

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Which makes you think 'exotic'

Traveling off-season opens your eyes to destinations that you'd never consider. A refreshing change from visiting boring destinations every year. How about Sri Lanka? Or Chile? Maybe Namibia? Perhaps Turkey?
If budgeting constraints stopped you from visiting these places before, now is the time to give it a thought.

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Off-season. Peak season. Mid-season. To any seasoned traveler, these are mere words that are often found in magazines and travel portals. When it comes to traveling, any season is the perfect season.