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All You Need to Know About Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

Chaitra Suraj Saxena Aug 30, 2019
Canal Saint Martin is a 19th-century waterway in Paris. Built in 1825, it was commissioned by Napoleon to supplement city’s need for fresh water. The canal was meant to provide water for the many fountains in the city and for cleaning streets. Discover more about one of the most tranquil places in Paris, Canal Saint-Martin.

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Canal Saint-Martin

Canal Saint-Martin Facts:

  • This canal once supplied fresh water to the city, is now used only by the cruises.
  • Canal Saint-Martin is listed as a historical monument.
  • Many films have been shot at this canal like Amélie - one of the most iconic movies. 
  • This canal is drained and cleaned every 10-15 years.

Canal Saint-Martin Things to Do

Take a Walk

Take a walk along the banks of the canal. It is an ideal set up for people watching, enjoy a picnic or simply laze around.

Take a Boat Cruise

Take a boat on the canal and enjoy the trip watching the Parisian life go by.

Enjoy the Street Art

Enjoy the street art on the walls of Canal Saint Martin. From spray paintings to sophisticated work, you will have it all here.

Identify Film Locations

If you are a movie buff, you can take a walk on both the sides and identify as many movie locations as you can.

Where to Eat in Canal Saint-Martin

  • Le Comptoir General – Good place for lovely music, delicious food and even amazing cocktails.
  • Pink Flamingo – Take away pizza that you can enjoy on the banks of the canal.
  • Chez Prune – Place for lively music and delicious food.
  • Bob’s Juice Bar – Perfect place to sink your teeth in unique sandwiches.
  • Hotel Du Nord – Serves lip-smacking Parisian cuisine with coffee.
  • Tien Hang – Vegan restaurant with a delicious meat-free menu.

Where to Stay Near Canal Saint-Martin

  • 9 Hotel Republique – Stylish hotel with amenities like Gym.
  • Hotel Garden Saint Martin – This is a mid-range hotel with comfortable amenities.
  • Renaissance Paris Republique – This is a luxurious hotel with gym, spa and terrace restaurant.

Things to Remember:

  • Canal is best visited in the summer months. Late spring and early autumn are also a good time.
  • Add the Canal Saint-Martin tour in your list, if you are in the city for a longer time period to make special memories.
  • To reach the canal, you can opt for multiple metro stations based on where you want to go.