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Amazing Places To Visit in Xi'an, China

Xi'an is the capital city of Shaanxi Province, China and has numerous tourist attractions.
Aakash Jain May 23, 2019

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Terracotta Army

The most popular attraction of Xi'an; you get to see the splendid exhibits of warriors sculpted out of terracotta. There are cavalry sculptures too; you literally get a feeling of seeing the troops going to the war.
The sculptures are that of the warriors of Qin dynasty. Almost every human sculpture has a different facial expression, which makes it unique.

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

A World Heritage Site, it is one of the most sought-after Buddhist pagoda of Chinese architecture. The calm and serene atmosphere in and around the place is magnetic.

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Xi'an Ancient City Wall

Travel back in time, by visiting this place. You can ride a bicycle or take a bus to watch this attractive piece of architecture. The city walls have historical significance in China as they were built to shield the city from enemies in ancient times.
The city walls are equipped with parks to relax, and of course the watchtowers to give the glimpse of both the old world and new world Xi'an.

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Hukou Waterfall

This mud-colored waterfall on Yellow River is the largest yellow waterfall in the world and of course, just beautiful. The strong gush of water is a sight to behold; the sound produced fills you with thrill and excitement. A popular tourist spot, you can try rafting and enjoy the drum fights performed by local artists.
There are caves here that let you enjoy the scenic views of waterfall from different angles. You must visit it in April/May to witness the mighty waterfall at its fullest action.

Muslim Quarter

Visit this area to experience Muslim culture in Xi'an. There are numerous local cuisines for you to relish on the Muslim street. Especially, your trip is incomplete, if you don't try the sour soup dumplings. There are shops to buy paintings and works of local craftsmen.
The prominent attraction of Muslim quarter is the Great Mosque of Xi'an. Phoenix Pavilion, walls with beautiful writings in Arabic and Chinese, "Place of Meditation" are highlights of this Chinese style mosque.

Mount Huashan

It is considered to be the most dangerous mountain to hike on. You have to travel 75 mi from Xi'an to reach this mountain and have the most thrilling experience of your life. It has five major peaks and a scenic view around.
Steep steps, hiking on the tapered cliffside, make it a heart-stopping yet an enjoyable experience. There are numerous Taoist temples along the route.

Drum Tower of Xi'an

Another prime example of Chinese architecture, Drum Tower represents the Ming era. You get to see ancient drums and understand their historical significance. The exuberant drum show performed here is worth a watch.