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A Basic Guide on How to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Mamta Mule May 13, 2019
Given here are a set of precautions that you can take for avoiding bed bugs when you are traveling. By following these, you will ensure that your house does not get infested with these creatures once you are done with your holiday.
Bed bugs are a menace not only when you travel, but also during your stay at hotels or other such accommodation. These creatures lodge themselves in your luggage, and when you get back home, they get transferred to your house. To avoid all these hassles, we will provide you the basic ways to completely alienate the possibility of an infestation.

Room Inspection

When you reach the hotel, first inspect it. Make sure that the room is clean and tidy. Check the mattress, sofas, drawers, desks, and other furniture pieces, as bed bugs most commonly dwell in such places.
If the room shows and signs of having these creatures, ask for another room. Sometimes, even a room that looks absolutely clean may have a few bugs. When you are inspecting the room, make sure that your luggage is not placed in the room, as bugs might get into it.

Protecting Luggage

Once you have made sure that your room is clean, you need to place your luggage on a safe location. Do not keep it on the bed, sofa, mattress, or carpet. Keep it on an open rack or on a table or desk. Avoid carrying any soft luggage when you are traveling.
A hard top suitcase is ideal for preventing bugs from entering the luggage. You can also pack your toiletries in zip-lock pouches. If you feel that your clothes have come in contact with bed bugs, then simply wash them in hot water.

At Home

Once you are done with your holiday, always wash your clothes with hit water. This helps to kill the bugs that have lodged themselves in your clothes. Also, clean your luggage thoroughly using a good disinfectant. By carrying out the aforementioned points, you are eliminating the risk of a bed bug infestation in your home.
Conduct thorough research about the hotel that you will be staying in. Read online reviews, and then make your call. The hotel should be known for its cleanliness, even if it small. Follow the above mentioned precautions, and enjoy your trip.