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The Baha'i Gardens in Haifa are an Instance of Magnetic Beauty

Claudia Miclaus Sep 23, 2019

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An impressive example of creativity and work, the Baha'i Gardens are a beautiful peace of landscaping inspired of course by the faith behind Baha'i faith...
The followers of the Baha'i faith consider that all the religions are based on a divine common basis. In order to pay respect to all the religions in the world, Baha'i followers avoid proselytism. Their own personal example plays a very significant part especially for attracting new converts.
According to the Baha'i religion, throughout history, God has sent us prophets to give us enlightening teachings concerning His divine will. These prophets include Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Jesus, Mohamed, Bahá'u'lláh. They accept all the holy books of all religions, saying that they do not reject each other.
On the contrary, they much rather complete each other. But beyond all these, the Baha'i are famous for the beautiful and notorious Baha'i Gardens in Israel.
The Baha'i gardens in Haifa offer a truly spectacular image, if we are to consider the climate in Israel. The beauty, grandeur and chiefly the special design inspired by religion make the garden of the Baha'i temple one of the most visited gardens in the world. The panoramic view offered by the Carmel Mountain over the city and the harbor is magnificent.
The temple itself together with its gardens have been intentionally placed on this mountain, to make the gardens appear as suspended and imposing. The gardens are displayed in their entire splendor as they are arranged in steps, having many terraces.
The temple in itself is a very good piece of architecture, and the gardens seem to complete it perfectly.
The combination of Italian marble and the golden roof, the granite columns, all built in 1953, have become a great tourist attraction of the Haifa city ever since then.
The temple is 40m high and contains 14,000 golden bricks, and also has 9 facades which represent the 9 main religions of the world. It is also surrounded by a few unique buildings.
The gardens were inspired by the Baha'i faith and doctrine. They are successive and create a special harmony with Mount Carmel. They were open to the public in 2001. There are 19 terraces, the tallest of them comprising the Persian garden. The steps are made of stone and they connect the gardens which are positioned in the shape of a waterfall.
The gardens are built under the shape of 9 concentric circles, which look like some waves having the temple in the very center. The gardens contain works of art made of stone and metal, but also fountains, bushes and lovely meadows. The main path of the place is bordered on its entire length by colorful flowers.
The whole ensemble actually is a genuine natural reservation. The garden got the name of the 8th wonder of the world. Those who come to visit this place may find an oasis of peace and tranquility, but also a romantic place at night, due to the special lights.
Topiaries and palm trees here make a little shadow for the tired tourists. The fresh green of the turf has a calming, soothing and refreshing effect on us. The alleys are made of yellow and red stones and they are accompanied by monuments, fountains and short water streams.
The irrigation systems are also of a very high quality, in order to ensure the necessary amount of water for this oasis. The chromatic schemes are sometimes contrasting, but still harmonious. There also can be found coniferous trees, hedgerows, short border plants, cacti, fruiter and decorative trees.

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Cypresses, palm trees, pines and other typically Mediterranean species of forever flourishing bushes and shrubs, the flower pots and the colorful flower rows make quite an impression on the visitor. Some say this place resembles the Garden of Eden.
Its beauty and order most certainly can arouse one's imagination, urging one to make such comparisons. But let us remember that according to the general tradition about the Garden of Eden, it was created 100% by God Himself, not by man's powers or knowledge.
And if we are to associate Baha'i Gardens with the Biblical Garden of Eden, we might do that in reference with this place's well-organized space, splendid flowers and vegetation, to the general feeling of peace and relaxation the Baha'i Gardens may cause in its visitors, regardless of their cultural or religious perspective.