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Taking a Beach Vacation? Here's the Mandatory Packing List

Rashida Khilawala Mar 14, 2019
Any kind of a vacation commands a specific travel packing checklist. When it comes to vacationing on a beach, different things can be required. Find a list of essentials you may need.
Aren't beaches just the best place for a vacation? The sun, the sand, the breeze, and the sea ― nature in its true glory. But often we tend to make a few errors while deciding what to pack for such an outing. Missing a few essentials could lead to ruining a great vacation.
One may need different things depending on the location and also the number of people traveling. If it's a large group, one can share some items so as to reduce the weight of luggage. However, some essentials like a first aid kit should be strictly carried so that they come to the rescue in an emergency. Here is a list, which will be helpful to you.

Travel Packing Checklist Template

It will help you fill in the details and also assist you as travel packing tips. Make the template beforehand as per your convenience to make the process easier for the future.


Sunscreen is an absolute essential when you are traveling to a beach as there are many health issues that you could face due to sun exposure.

Sun Glasses

It goes without saying, if you are going to the beach, you need sunglasses. Besides the fact that they look cool, they also protect your eyes from the glare of the sun, which is quite a bit at the beach. In fact, you can carry an extra reserve pair as well, just in case one breaks.

Bathing Suit

It would be silly to go for a beach vacation without carrying along a bathing suit. So, carry it with you.


Depending on the location, carry along the clothes that fit in. Like, if you are going to Hawaii, carry the ones that would be suitable for the weather there. Checking out on a forecast can help in this situation.


Carry other beach related gear, e.g., if you are into surfing, carry your surfboard. You can also carry your skiing equipment, if you like to water ski. However, these things are available everywhere so you can also buy it from the location itself.


Anyone who has ever been to a beach resort for a vacation would vouch for the fact, that the views are worth taking back home in your camera.
The sunsets and sunrises, the pink skies and the water madness, they are all worth capturing and taking back home. Also ensure that you carry its batteries and the charger as well.


Don't forget toiletries. They are available at all places but, a last minute run can ruin the mood for the day.
So carry your face wash, toothbrush, face cream etc. That way you can be sure of having all that you need.

First Aid

In any kind of travel, it is very important to make sure that you carry the required first aid kit. Especially at a beach, it is very important to have it close by.