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Beautiful Attractions to See in Loire Valley, France

Prerana Jamdarkhana Jul 31, 2019
Numerous beautiful, tall chateaux adorn the sky in almost every corner of this French tucked-away paradise. If it’s the French history, splendor, and architecture you seek, Loire Valley is worth your time.

Château de Chambord

Entwining the French medieval with classical renaissance structures, this stunning castle is the largest and most majestic castle of the Loire.

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Château de Chenonceau

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Built by a French Renaissance architect along river Cher, this is one of the best-known châteaux of the Loire valley.

Château de Chaumont

Built between Blois and Amboise, castle Chaumont is an architectural marvel. Protected as monument historique, the castle is currently a museum.

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Château de Villandry

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A gem in the series of French architecture, this majestic castle is considered Monument Historique. Known for its beautiful gardens, the chateau is a living testimony of French heritage.

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Château d'Azay-le-Rideau

Built between 1518 and 1527, the Chateau is the reflection of an early French renaissance architecture.

Château d'Amboise

A glorious 15th-century royal residence in the quite town of Amboise is sure to take your breath away.

Château Royal de Blois

A lavish 100 bedroom castle, former home to French royals, is a place of grandeur.

Saint-Étienne Cathedral

The unfinished Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Charles Borromeo is admired by the locals and visitors alike.

Cathédrale Saint-Gatien

Designated as Monument Historique, Cathédrale Saint-Gatien in Tours is a captivating architectural example dedicated to the first bishop of the city.


An interesting town in Loire, Saumur is a rich ground with Château de Saumur, Church of Saint Pierre, musuems, national parks and many historic spots.


Walk into an architectural masterpiece and discover the history and legends of Notre-Dame in Loire.