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An Abode on Water - 10 Most Beautiful Floating Hotels in the World

Buzzle Staff Sep 11, 2019
The concept of floating hotels is an innovative venture, and off late, there has been an intense competition among the behemoth players of this game to build bigger and better floating resorts. Here are 10 beautiful floating hotels in the world.

Unbelievably Amazing!

Qatar has hired Sigge Architects, based in Finland, to design an outstanding floating hotel for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which will focus on the concept of space-saving in addition to customized exterior architecture.
Floating hotels are a viable option when land is unavailable. Such hotels are not constructed on solid ground, that is to say, they are designed to be positioned on water, through appropriate means of construction underneath so that the building stands in place. Such hotels and cabins are quite common in coastal areas and places with myriad water bodies.
With rising competition, it has become a challenge for hotels to offer the best architecture, views, and services. There are some amazing floating hotels in the world; while some are constructed with extravagant charm, there are others that impress with their simplicity and breathtaking location.
Some of the most beautiful, yet simple, water cabins are located in Varadero, Cuba, and the beautiful islands of the Maldives. Here are some of the best floating hotels in the world.

Top Ten Beautiful Floating Hotels

King Pacific Lodge

The King Pacific Lodge is located in British Columbia, Canada, and is a brilliant sight to behold. It is constructed on top of a floating barge amidst the natural wilderness.
Particularly famous for fishing, this lodge can be reached by float-plane, and is towed to Princess Royal Island from May to October. It is run by a helpful local couple, and offers innumerable five-star benefits, like suites with king-size beds and hot-tubs, and outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing, and kayaking.

Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

Located in the Republic of Maldives, it is a world away from a world, being one of many thousands of islands that comprise the Maldives. The proximity of the sun and the sea makes this hotel seem like on the intimate coral island in a sparkling lagoon.
It offers an exotic experience of diving, swimming, and a myriad other water activities. With secluded decks and complete privacy, this place gives you the ultimate experience of living on water.

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The Sunborn London

The Sunborn London is the first super-yacht floating hotel in London.
Launched in July 2014, this hotel was originally a 400-foot-long black-and-white super-yacht. Now been converted into a luxury floating hotel, with 138 huge guest rooms. Some of the rooms have private terraces as well.

Dragon Inn Floating Resort

Also known as Semporna Floating, this lovely hotel is located in Semporna, Malaysia. It is supported by underwater stilts and is built using natural material, like leaf roofs and bamboo walls.
The hotel offers unbelievable comfort and provides an unmatched experience of a traditional water-village, for the hotel villas are built like traditional log cabins.

Conrad Maldives

While Maldives itself is a stunning visual treat of sun, sea, and sand, the Conrad Maldives is a luxury hotel on the Rangali Island that stands out among the rest.

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Located in the Indian Ocean, across two private islands, the Conrad Maldives has more than 50 individual water villas, more than 20 spa treatment cabins, and the most beautiful all-glass, under-ocean restaurant.
Watching the lovely aquatic life amidst the dim lights at dinner while hearing the soothing sound of the sea is oh, so wonderful!

Oberoi Udaivilas

Located in Udaipur, in the state of Rajasthan, in India, the Oberoi Udaivilas will make you feel like royalty. Situated in the middle of Lake Pichola, it is a brilliant combination of the ancient and the modern.
The interior of the hotel is utterly luxurious and vintage, with hand-painted antiques, well-designed domes, and turquoise fountains. The suites are the blend of old and new designs, with a private swimming pool. The hotel offers good view of the City Palace, the blues and the greens and the myriad hues outside the hotel surpass the palette of any painter.

Punta Caracol

Situated at the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Panama, South America, the Punta Caracol Aqua Lodge is a natural retreat to the environment.
It comprises water villas constructed in the traditional method, complete with leaf and bamboo and wood and plants. The natural beauty of the marine life and the magnificent sunsets add to the overall experience.

Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa

The Lagoon Resort and Spa in the Bora Bora province of French Polynesia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful floating hotels.

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The resort contains around 44 over-water villas, combined with simple private balconies and garden retreats.
The water bungalows offer incredible diving opportunities, and a magnificent view of the Mount Otemanu. The luxurious spa amenities make this hotel the perfect choice for honeymoon couples.

The Float House River Kwai Resort

Located on the still waters of the river Kwai, in the Kanchanaburi province, it is one of the best floating hotels in Thailand that accommodates more than 28 floating hotels.
The hotel was awarded the 'best floating hotel in Asia', and rightly so. While maintaining proximity to nature, the Float House River Kwai Resort provides convenience to an abundance of other activities.

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An aerial view of the water cabins on top of the blue waters and the proximity to nature is breathtakingly divine.

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The Burj Al Arab

It is also called 'the Tower of Arabs' and is a seven-star luxury hotel. Shaped like a sail and connected to the mainland by means of a causeway, this floating hotel is renowned for its superb hospitality and service.
It is expensive, of course, but with a reason. The luxury suites offer an opulent view of the city, the Dubai Marina, and miles of the surrounding sea. The hotel and the surrounding areas are a glistening sight after sunset, like a radiant kaleidoscope of millions of twinkling lights.
There is no limit to the architectural beauty. The Floating & Rotating Hotel Tower, in Dubai, UAE, is a fine example. A flagship venture of Waterstudio, an architectural firm based in Amsterdam, this is the world's first rotating hotel, that will rotate 1 degree every minute, offering a magnificent view of the city.
While floating hotels on water have quickly become a norm, it will not be long when floating hotels in air will take precedence as well. The Aerohotel already seems to have incorporated this idea, and other hotels and architectural wonders are likely to follow suit as well.