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Beautiful Gondola Rides in Venice

Prerana Jamdarkhana Aug 3, 2019
An iconic symbol of Venice, dreamy gondola rides in this romantic Italian city is a lifetime experience. Marvel at the beautiful architecture of the city along the calm waters.

Why are Gondolas Popular?

A city built on a group of islands, gondolas call for a unique view of the place. You can experience Venice completely only by riding through its canals.
Handcrafted wooden Venetian gondolas are long and have flat bottom. Rowed with a long wooden oar, gondolas usually are black in color with few exceptions.

Popular Gondola Places in Venice

Grand Canal

Several historic buildings and monuments on the banks of the canal, make this a memorable ride.

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Bridge of Sighs

Made of white limestone with windows and stone bars, this enclosed bridge is amazing for a gondola ride.

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Rialto Bridge

Oldest of the four bridges of Grand Canal in Venice, Rialto Bridge is a major tourist spot.

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Santa Maria della Salute

A magnificent Roman catholic church, gondola rides swarms to the Salute all day.

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Doge’s Palace

Gondola rides to this historic landmark of the city are quite popular.

Average Ride Duration

The average time of a gondola ride is 30 minutes. If you wish for a longer ride, make sure you finalize the fare before starting your ride.

A Costly Affair

It's said that if the cost of the gondola ride does not bother you, make sure you understood the gondolier right!

Gondola rides in Venice have fixed fare of 80 euros for a private 25-30 minute ride, but, the fare changes because of high demand, leaving little room for negotiation.

Special Note:

  • You must be careful about your belongings while riding in a gondola.
  • Many gondoliers sing and explain the city attractions while rowing.
  • It is advised to pre-book the ride, especially during peak season, to avoid waiting in long queues.