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The Surprising Benefits of Staying in Serviced Apartments

Renuka Savant Oct 19, 2019
When we travel to any destination for leisure or business, it is often assumed that our stay has to be in a hotel or a hostel, completely overlooking other feasible options. This post highlights the advantages of staying in a serviced apartment, and aims to modify the way you vacation.
Of late, even prominent hotel chains have begun to provide serviced apartments in several major cities of the world, in order to cash in on customers who wish to rent a place for a longer duration.

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On a lavish holiday, we often look towards the luxury and pampering that hotels have to offer. If the budget is a little tight, we then turn to hostels. B&Bs offer a unique and homely option; but then they levy far too many rules to even remember.

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A serviced apartment is an option that combines the plushness of a hotel suite, the cost-effectiveness of a hostel, and the coziness of a B&B. This holds true especially if you're planning a long-term stay at a destination, or are traveling with a large group.

There's always room for everything

Imagine stepping right into the bathtub the moment you get off the bed. Haven't we all lived in matchbox-sized hotel rooms like these? We certainly have.
Serviced apartments come in all shapes and sizes, and are tailored to suit every traveler's needs. So you have everything, from a studio apartment to a lavish penthouse. You no longer have to live in a confined space, or make do with cramped beds and wardrobes or cubicle-sized loos.

There's a kitchen too!

You know what this means, don't you? Your food expenses can hit rock bottom, if you so desire. You always have to enjoy the local cuisine when you're on a vacation, but sometimes you just want to have something basic, like a bowl of cereal or a cup of coffee.
The kitchen will come in handy during such times, and you won't end up spending precious dollars on buying something so basic. If you're traveling with kids, you'll welcome the provision of the kitchen, as you'd want to limit the number of restaurant meals that your children consume.

You'll save on laundry bills

Most of these apartments are equipped with washing machines and dryers, so you don't have to go through the hassle of finding and using a laundromat.
Yes, it may sound like a bit of a (bore) chore if you're planning a pure leisure trip, but it makes fantastic sense if your vacation is extensive, or if you have temporarily relocated to a different city.

The 'extras' are affordable

Things like Internet access, cable television, gyms, swimming pools, etc., can attract obscene charges in most hotels. Not so in serviced apartments.
This is because the rent you will be charged is usually all-inclusive. So, if you are in the habit of extensively using these services, you'll again be saving a considerable sum of money.

It will be your home away from home

Hotel rooms can get rather depressing after a while, when you're on an extensive business trip. An apartment has a cozy feel to it; so while it may not be your home, it would be more comfortable than a small hotel room.

And yet, will still be like a hotel

If you're concerned about the security or the privacy of a serviced apartment, you really shouldn't be. These buildings offer ample security; most of them even provide concierge services, and are quite competent.
You're free to avail housekeeping services as you will, so their presence is never intrusive. You can even find apartments that offer restaurant services, if you're not looking to travel too much for food.

You're free to use up the extra space

If you wish to entertain and have a few people over, a serviced apartment allows you to do that, as opposed to a tiny hotel room. Business travelers can invite their friends and family over to stay, without booking a separate rooms.

Apartments are highly suitable for certain travelers

People who are traveling with a large group/family, business travelers on long/frequent trips, medical tourists, and budget travelers will find serviced apartments quite irresistible.
In fact, it would be hard to find a better deal if you happen to fall into any of the category mentioned here, as these apartments offer premium value for money.

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Whether you choose to live in an apartment or not is completely up to you, but we strongly suggest that you give it a try at least once, to determine the veracity of this write-up, if nothing else. And your valuable inputs will always be welcome.