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Best Foreign Vacation Spots

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Sep 11, 2019
Looking for some fine tourist destinations outside your country? Here are some of the best foreign vacation spots, that have a lot to offer to tourists of all tastes and likes.
All of us are born with an instinct to explore the world around us. In our hearts, we nurture a secret desire to visit our dream destination someday. However, the definition of travel or tourism differs for each of us.
Some people see vacation as a means to get away from the stress of life, while for others it is some new learning experience. Depending upon their interpretation of travel, their preferences of the travel destinations also differ.
Nonetheless, the world is full of beautiful places which have something to offer to individuals of every taste. Not all of these places are known to everyone. In fact, some of them are well hidden, out of reach of casual travelers.

Best Travel Destinations

Picturesque Alps

The serene beauty of Alps leaves the tourists across the world simply mesmerized. Travel to Switzerland to experience the picture perfect beauty of this country.

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Skiing lovers can find a lot of activities to do in the slopes of Alps. Switzerland remains the most famous destination in Europe. It is also one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations.

African Safari

The continent of Africa offers a great variety and some of the best foreign vacation spots to travelers, including exotic beaches and wildlife sanctuaries. Experience a Kenyan safari or unwind yourself on the beaches of South Africa. You can also treat yourself to exotic spas.

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Roman Holiday

Visit Rome, the city of love and romance and experience the taste of authentic Italian food. There are numerous historical places to see in Rome such as Colosseum, St. Peter Basilica, Spanish Steps, etc.
You may also visit the Holy city of Vatican and the home of Pope in Sistine Chapel.

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Indian Odyssey

No other country in the world offers such a huge choice for travelling. From the divine beauty of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh to the exotic beaches of Goa and Kerala to the deep forests of Ranthambore, the India travel package includes everything.
India also happens to be the spiritual capital of the world, so get ready for a tranquilizing experience in God's own country.

Arabian Nights

Visit Dubai, the mecca for shopaholics all across the world and the most famous vacation spots in Mid-East. Exotic, lavish, glamorous are only some of the adjectives that can describe the beauty of this Middle Eastern city.

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Hot balloon rides and the desert safaris in sand dunes are some of the other attractions of Dubai tourism apart from the many shopping malls.

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Also take a look at Burj Al Arab, one of the most outrageously expensive hotels in the world.

Exotic Thailand

Thailand is the most famous holiday spots in the far east. Known for its serene beaches, water sports, and world famous massage parlors, this country is a big hit amongst westerners.
You can also enjoy a happening night life in any of the numerous clubs in the capital city of Bangkok. You can also enjoy some authentic Thai food, complete with herbs and spices.

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Pristine Maldives

The sapphire blue waters of Maldives adorned with white sand is a perfect getaway for anyone who wishes to experience some peaceful moments in the company of nature.
You can also enjoy adventure water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing, etc. in the azure waters of Maldives. Mauritius is another awesome spot, which falls in the same category.

Enchanting China

Want to take a peak inside the Forbidden City? Visit China, the most mysterious country in the world.

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Walk on The Great Wall of China, the only man-made structure visible from the Moon, or cruise on the Yangtze river for a romantic escape.
You can also experience the happening night life in the city of Shanghai.

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Amazing Australia

Visit the land of kangaroos and the home of many other wild animals and birds. Enjoy a performance at the Sydney Opera House or take a trail in the Australian countryside.
You can also enjoy a wide range of adventure and water sports as a part of Australian tourism. Its neighbor New Zealand is also a very good choice.
You can also explore some other lesser known locations. The aforementioned vacation spots can prove to be perfect destination for you, if you wish to spend some quality time with a loved one or family members.