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Best Places for Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in Michigan

Joe Parker May 24, 2019
Michigan is bounded by 4 of the 5 Great Lakes and Lake Saint Clair, making it the perfect state for recreational water activities, like paddle boarding. Here's where you can paddle board in Michigan.


In Muskegon, you get the Marquette River for a safe and warm paddle boarding experience.
It's a good place for beginners who intend to hone their paddle boarding skills, Muskegon also plays host to Great Lakes Surf Festival every year on 18th, August.

Grand Haven

It has scenic views to usher you to waterways into the interior and the open water.
You can cruise all the way to Lake Michigan from here. Pottawatomie and the Grand Haven State Park are also worth your time.

Belle Isle Park

It is just a few miles away from downtown Detroit. You can see the skyline touching down on the horizon, and the beautiful beaches are whispering their welcome.
With your paddle board, you are going to have a great time paddle boarding in Bella Isle Park.

East Tawas

Lake Huron is the main attraction here. Over the years, it has been playing host to hundreds of paddling enthusiasts.
Temperatures here tend to be friendly but usually take a beating at the onset of the season. It is recommendable you coming with some thermal gear.


All the way to West Michigan and Holland sits waiting to give you a memorable paddling time.
The town is charming, and the community knows nothing but deriving fun from the water around. The beach is a temptation you cannot quickly sweep aside.

Good Harbor

Sitting in the middle of Glen Arbor and Leland, Good Harbor is a paddling haven.
Beautiful beach and scenic views of North Manitou Island and Lake Michigan are some of the bonuses you get for coming here.