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Best Spots for Paddle Boarding in Europe

Joe Parker May 15, 2019
Paddleboarding is now one of the most popular water sports around the world and Europe is loaded with beautiful areas where you can go for a relaxing paddle boarding vacation.


Ireland has all kinds of tourist spots that have astonishing waves for you to have an exciting paddle boarding experience.
These waves seem to be always available regardless of the seasons so always ensure that you have the best wetsuit.

Bundoran is an amazing paddling place in Europe as if it has good weaves together with the amazing Irish culture.


Spain offers some of the most spectacular locations for you to paddle:

La Zurriola Beach-Located in San Sebastian, it has some beautiful beaches for paddleboarding.
Mundaka-Mundaka has great waves and is considered the best place to paddle board in Europe.

Zarautz Beach-The region has the longest beach in the whole of Spain.


The country is considered to be secluded and raw but there are indeed several nice paddleboarding spots you can find.

The Vangsvatnet Lake located in Voss Centre would be a good spot to start.


Taking a vacation to paddle in Portugal can be an unforgettable experience.

Cantinho da Baia in Peniche offers the surfers the best surfing experiences.
Ericeira has Foz do Lizandro Beach for you to have fun with paddle boarding especially in Summer.


If you are bored with the regular paddle boarding spots like a river or a lake, go find yourself a new spot for a paddleboarding experience of a lifetime.

 If you live around one of these places but haven't given them a shot, get a paddle board now and head out.