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Best Things to Do in Stunning Stuttgart, Germany

Nupur Lakhe Aug 23, 2019
Sprawled with green spaces and vineyards, Stuttgart is a manufacturing hub for Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. The various castles and lustrous parks add to the beauty of Stuttgart.


An excellent art museum as old as 1843. The newer 20th century version holds famous art work by Picasso, Matisse and the likes.

Mercedes Benz Museum

A must visit museum for car enthusiasts. A trip up here is like taking a journey to the birth of this automobile. Zuffenhausen, a little way up Stuttgart is home to Porsche museum as well.

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Killesberg Park

A park which caters to tourists of all age groups. Sit, relax or climb the tower for a magnificent view of the Neckar valley. Watch flamingoes, play with farm animals or take a train ride with your kid.
An old greenhouse in public garden. The zoo is home to diverse animals and species. The botanical garden hosts more than 5,000 species of plants.

Wilhelma Zoological and Botanical Garden

Stuttgart Public Library

A magnum opus by the looks of it, this magnificent library received the national award as Library of the Year  in 2013.
This lively market is known as the Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt in German. It takes place every year. If you plan to visit around Christmas, add this to your list.

Stuttgart Christmas Market

Vineyards in Stuttgart

The vineyards which spread around an enormous area are worth visiting. Picturesque view of the city from here is beautiful to say the least. Do not forget to taste the local wine of Stuttgart.

Neckar Town

The neighborhood besides the Neckar river which offers a supreme view of the Neckar valley and vineyards as well.

Cannstatter Volksfest

It is an annual three-week Volkfest also referred to as Stuttgart Beer Festival which takes place from late September to early October. You might want to plan your trip around this time.

Fernsehturm Television Tower

A 217-meter tall tower with a restaurant and an observation deck which provides a sweeping view of the Neckar valley and the Stuttgart city.

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It is the city's center and one of the most busiest places. This expansive place is good to catch some sun or take a stroll in the pleasant garden.

St. John's Church

The church is a must visit because of its magnanimous and beautiful architecture as well as for the beauty that engulfs it.

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The old town of Esslingen is a major trading center. Check out this city for its uniformly lined street houses, half-timbered and rustic in its appeal.

The Grabkapelle on Wurttemberg Hill

A memorial which stands in the middle of vineyards overlooking the Neckar river. The architecture of the memorial is made from local sandstone and is beautiful.
It is one of the largest Baroque palaces in Germany. The palatial gardens and the residential palace is worth a visit because of its ambience and the sprawling area it covers.

Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

Weissenhof Estate

The estate is popularly known for its International architecture. It was primarily designed for Deutscher Werkbund exhibition in Stuttgart in 1927