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Best Time to Visit Paris

Aparna Jadhav Nov 20, 2018
Haven't you always dreamed about visiting Paris for a vacation? Well, read and find out which is the best time to visit Paris, around the year!
Paris, the capital city of France is one of the most visited tourist spots in the world. It is known as the heart of the country, being among the 3 most influential cities across the globe with respect to arts, science, fashion, entertainment, business, media and education.
It also ranks among the most populated metropolitan cities in Europe, with excellent work and residential opportunities. Paris is situated on the banks of the river Seine, making it a great evening spot for people.
From ancient art museums to elegant restaurants, from unique, traditional and modern architecture to some of the most beautiful landscapes, Paris is a city that can be visited absolutely any time of the year.
Spring, summer and winter, all come with something new and special every year. With the weather being perfect in all these seasons, the days are fresh and clean, and the nights beautifully lit with a hundred colorful lights. So, if you want to enjoy a personal vacation here, find out which is the perfect time to visit Paris.

When is the Best Time to Visit Paris?

While making a list of vacation spots, you can't miss putting down Paris! Being France's most loved cities, it is an excellent place to spend time with your loved ones, experiencing some of the most exquisite sites in the world.
There are so many places to visit in Paris and they have their own unique charm through all the seasons of the year. Therefore visit Paris whenever it's convenient for you, because Paris is always ready for you! However, here's a brief idea of how the city looks in all the seasons.


Paris in Spring is the most beautiful place you will ever see. The city of love, is draped in curtains of brilliantly colored flowers, and sheets of extraordinary landscapes.
The colors of nature blend with the wonderful man-made white architecture and make the outdoors look stunning. You wouldn't want to go back to your hotel room if you visit Paris in Spring. The city pulls in the maximum population of tourists in Spring.
Restaurant and cafe owners serve their best food and entertainment. The events are; the Festival du Film de Paris in March/April, the Marathon International de Paris in April and the French Open Tennis Tournament, and annual event in May/June. As it is the peak vacation season, you might have to spend more on air and train fares, and experience overcrowding.


The summer months are hot yet busy in Paris, as people living in the city leave for vacations as well, making the incoming tourists more comfortable! With the weather being hot, but also slightly breezy, summer could surely be one of the best times to visit Paris.
Warm evenings can be enjoyed with lovely sunsets, visiting attractions such as; the Louvre and Notre Dame or simply taking a walk around the Eiffel tower.
Since summer months are holiday time for most people in Paris, you can enjoy food and music festivals, open air events, entertainment events, etc. hosted by the Parisians for their guests.
If you want to relax and enjoy a carefree week in the summer season, Paris would be the best place. The Paris Plage, held from July to August is an interesting transformation of the River Seine into a tropical beach imitation, with palm trees, decks and beach umbrellas.

Fall and Winter

The fall is a cool, quiet season in Paris, where the colors of the nature change, but this time usually shades of yellow, red and orange. Paris in November has short warm days, which makes fall a cozy and romantic season to visit the city.
One of the best months in this season is September, the weather is still warm, and a few showers too are experienced. There are several arts and music festivals that are held during these months, and Paris gets ready to welcome the winter and Christmas, French style!
Winter, is surely everyone's favorite season, at least in Paris. Why? Well, the first reason being snow, and the other being Christmas. Even though the weather is gloomy and wet, the festivity in the air, colors the city in red, green and white.
This season is known as the most romantic time to visit Paris, as you can cuddle up and experience the beautiful landscapes of winter. Surely a great time to be in the fashion capital of the world.
With this description of Paris through the year, makeyour choice for the best time to visit Paris! So, pick a great season and make the best out of your vacation. Bon Voyage!