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Best Tourist Attractions in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Sonali Pimpale Aug 1, 2019
Built around the seven hills, Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in the world and the second largest city in Bulgaria. It bears the imprints of ancient Thracian, Roman, Greek and Turkish cultures.

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Ancient Theater of Philippopolis

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The glorious 2nd century, 7000-seater theater still hosts riveting drama and musical performances, and is one of the best-preserved ancient theaters in the world.

Plovdiv Roman Stadium

It may not be evident today, but the ancient Roman stadium could host up to 30,000 spectators when it was built in the 2nd century. Don't miss the 3D movie that will help revive the history and glory of the stadium’s golden days.

Old Town

A maze of old-timey houses and cobblestone streets, a stroll through Plovdiv’s Old Town is a must on your bucket list!

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Asen’s Fortress

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Perched atop a ridge on the Rhodope mountains since the times of the Thracians, the medieval fortress is an indispensable part of the rich Bulgarian history.

Dzhumaya Mosque

Distinguished by an impressive minaret, the mosque was built on the site of a church in the 14th century, after an invasion by the Ottoman army.

Kapana Creative District

The beautiful neighborhood is named Kapana (‘The Trap’) because of its intricate mesh of winding streets. With a surplus of art galleries, cafes, restaurants and studios the charming art district is a perfect place to get lost in!

Church of St. Constantine and Helena

Named after Emperor Constantine the Great and his mother Helena, this 4th century church is considered to be the oldest in Plovdiv.

Bachkovo Monastery

With stunning frescoes and an invaluable icon of Virgin Mary, the gorgeous Eastern Orthodox monastery is the second-largest in Bulgaria.

Regional Ethnographic Museum

Housed in the stately residence of a Greek merchant, the museum has over 40,000 exhibits that are the remnants of the vast history of Bulgaria.

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Nebet Tepe

One of the seven hills of Plovdiv, the scenic hill is peppered with ancient Roman and Thracian ruins, and offers unobstructed panoramic views of the city.