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Beating the Odds: Best Ways to Survive a Long Haul Flight

Sonu S Sep 28, 2019
A long haul flight is bound to take a toll on you. Read the following information to find ways to survive such an exhausting flight.
Even an atheist will thank God after surviving a long haul flight! It is difficult to articulate the misery and the frustration that you have to experience in the flight, which takes you across the globe.

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Make one thing clear; a long flight is not the same, as a flight which you perceive as long. Spanning over 15 hours, these flights make you wonder why you boarded the flight, and makes you think, that you would be happier if you could just take a parachute and jump out!
All those who think, this is exaggerating, do not know how what it feels to have a pain in the neck, a numb bottom, swollen feet, lack of sleep, a stiff back, risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), extreme boredom, and a very bad headache, all at the same time!

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

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A long haul flight may be tiring and frustrating, but if you want to reach the other end of the globe in a day, then it's the best option. If you prepare well, then you may not have a very bad experience on a long flight. Here are a few tips that will make such a long flight a bit easier for you.

When to Travel

A long haul flight may seem worse, if the flight is crowded. Consult a good travel agent, before you finalize your travel plan.
He will suggest you the flight which you should board, and tell you the best time to book flights. Traveling in the peak season, would not be a great idea, unless you like a fully crowded flight.

The Right Seat

If you have an uncomfortable seat, you are doomed! So, it is very important that you book the right seat.

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If you have a bladder problem, then you should definitely opt for an aisle seat. If you just want to avoid any disturbance from people walking in the aisle, then the window seat will be the best for you.

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If you are traveling with your kids, then go for bulkhead seats. There are various websites that will help you choose the right seat, so do visit them before you book the tickets. If you are flying first class, then half of your problems are solved!

Comfortable Clothes

Do not wear tight clothes! The most valuable thing on a long flight is comfort, wearing tight clothes which do not allow your body to breathe, could make the flight a nightmare for you. Wear loose clothes, and do carry a pair of socks, and your footwear should be easy to remove.

Things to Carry

Carry all the little things that have the potential to increase your comfort.

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Get a travel kit in the market which has all the essentials (a neck pillow, eye masks etc.), and don't forget to carry your iPod fully loaded with all your favorite songs, some classic novels, your favorite television series, and also carry all blockbuster movies.

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Avoid the temptation to carry extra luggage on your flight, or you will have to compete with your luggage for space. With every extra bag that you carry, you are reducing your seating area, and trust me, you will end up regretting the extra luggage!

Ways to Spend Time

If you have packed the right things, then you will definitely have means to kill your time. Do not start listening to songs immediately, you do not want to read the sign "battery low", when you need your iPod the most, right? Keep snacking and watching movies at regular intervals.
If you are someone who always wondered which is better, Friends or How I Met Your Mother, this is probably the best time to decide, watch both of them back-to-back! Finish one or two books if you have the patience to read so much.

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Walk through the aisles, and interact with people, if you are lucky, you might find someone interesting. You can also work if you wish to. Apart from all of these, the best way to spend time is, sleep!

Things to Remember

✦ Secure your luggage, wallet, etc.
✦ Keep yourself hydrated.
✦ Regulate alcohol, and caffeine intake.

Frequent fliers have the privilege of upgrades. If you can get upgrades, go for it! Upgrades are the best way to make your long haul flight better. Happy journey!