Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Iceland's yet another miracle―the Blue Lagoon―is one of its most recognized tourist attractions. In this article, we tell you everything that you need to know about it.
Vacayholics Staff
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
The second-largest country in Europe, Iceland has some of the most picturesque landscapes known to travelers. While most of these are nature's gift to humans, there are some, like the Blue Lagoon, that are man-made. The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is a treat for your eyes and a unique gift for your skin.
While the lagoon is man-made, the superheated water present in the lagoon is a natural wonder―vented from under the ground near a lava flow―which is a blend of many healthy minerals that are beneficial for human body. It contains 251 mg of silica, 7.643 mg sodium, 1.177 mg potassium, 1.274 mg of calcium, 11.4 mg of carbon dioxide, 0.60 mg of magnesium, 15.740 mg of chlorine, 31.8 mg of sulfate, and 0.18mg of fluorine. All you need to do is to float inside this hot water and benefit from these minerals.
The water is first used by the nearby geothermal power plant―Svartsengi. It is utilized to run the turbines in order to generate electricity. This process also enhances the recreational and medicinal uses of the water. In addition to this, there are numerous pots of silica mud near the water, which are a blessing for your skin.
The water temperature around the swimming and bathing area is about 104°F, which is quite endurable in Icelandic temperature. The powder blue color of steaming hot water, amidst the jet black lava rocks, is quite an amazing sight. You can clearly see the billowy steams of the Blue Lagoon water, which look like the cumulus clouds, way before you actually reach the lagoon.
Location of Blue Lagoon
It is located amidst the lava field of Grindavík and is 8 miles away from the capital of Iceland―Reykjavik. It roughly takes 45 minutes to get to the lagoon from the Keflavík International Airport.
Rules and Regulations
The government of Iceland has some strict codes of hygiene, which are applicable to all visitors. According to these rules, you are required to wear bathing suits after taking a bath in the communal shower area. There are several updated facilities, that make your experience comfortable. These facilities include communal bathing rooms, changing rooms, an indoor swimming area, restaurants, and a conference area.
There are regular bus services from the airport to this lagoon. You can also visit the nearby lava caves, famous for their natural steam baths.