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The Borneo Island of Kalimantan is an Exotic Creation of Nature

Claudia Miclaus Jul 14, 2019
Borneo island is full of nature's beauty. It is a part of Indonesia and it offers many things for tourists to have a good time with nature. Explore this wonderful island through this story.
Borneo's 2/3 part is of the Indonesian territory of Kalimantan. It is famous for its tropical vegetation, exotic flowers and animals, and rich natural resources. It offers a unique universe, unlike any other region in the world. The very first people in Kalimantan were the Dayak , Iban, Punan, and Banuaq tribes; many of which were the forceful headhunters.
They hunted heads, because for them it had a spiritual significance, mostly related to bringing good luck and good crops throughout the year. However, plenty of religions have influenced their philosophy, so they have renounced this frightening custom. Islamic teaching, Hinduism, and even Christianity have reached these people.
The rivers in Kalimantan play an important role, both for communication and for the national economy. Houses are generally built on riversides.
These rivers also have another function, that of offering tourists a great entertainment like rafting or simply traveling. They are some of the most beautiful and spectacular rivers in the world, passing through jungles and traditional villages.
In the Eastern Kalimantan, there is a river called Mahakam where the freshwater dolphins live. This part is also well-developed and has an industrial belt. It is due to its production of oil and timber, and also by the fact that it is Indonesia's second largest province.
As for Southern part, it is rich, fertile, and is divided in two zones by the mountains called Meratus. Thus, in the east there are mostly mountains and thick tropical forests, while the south has more plains and rivers.
Because of the many forests in this area, it has become a great producer of wood for Indonesia. You can find amazing handicrafts here which are made entirely of raw material that is sourced from this area.
Central Kalimantan is made of thick jungles and represents the island's largest province. It is made of mountains, swamps, and plenty of rivers. The climate is tropical, the temperature rises to 26 - 30 degrees Celsius during the day, and to 15 - 20 degrees Celsius in the nighttime. The humidity is average at 70 - 90%.
Western part is also called 'land of the equator', because its capital Pontianak is geographically positioned exactly on the Equatorial line. It has many swamps, rivers and lakes.
There are many attractions on this island like the national parks, natural reserves. To protect its unique flora and fauna, Kalimantan has Kersik Luway reserve, where we can find rare 'Black Orchid' (Colongenia Pandurata), growing on the upper stream of the Mahakam river.
Another reserve is Bontang. Also there is a Tanjung Puting National Park in the central part, where the flora and fauna are conserved since incredibly old times.
There are some interesting primates living in this reserve, such as Orangutans, Owa-owa, Bekantan, and others.
These nature reserves are but a few reasons to visit this wonderful place on earth. Perhaps, apart from getting to know the culture of these people, one could certainly find a lot of adventure in those tropical jungles, enjoy magnificent sceneries, and gather some memories for lifetime.